It’s Shampoo Day (Moisturizing)

Extremely Dry Hair
When I first started wearing my hair completely natural…meaning no more micro braids with weave hair added in, I really had no idea what to do with my hair other than a press and curl. Since I was working out all the time (boy do I need to start going back to the gym) a press and curl was obviously not practical. So I started trying to wear twists. And those early twists were hideous! My ends were soooo straight in spots from the constant pressing. But I stuck with my twists. I tried fat ones. I tried skinny ones. They were pitiful, and my twists wouldn’t even plump up. And talk about dry…I’m sure someone would have had the right to call the fire department to report me as a walking fire hazzard. What a difference nearly a year has made.

Stumbling onto the Right Moistuizing Products 
The first time I went to someone who specializes in natural hair care, the first thing out of her mouth was that my hair was dry. “Well yeah,” I thought. I let her do some twists on me. They looked a little better than what I had done, but I still wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t her…it was my hair. A miracle wasn’t going to happen. I had been abusing my hair with heat and healing was just going to take some time. I’m sure she gave me some moisturizing tips, but I don’t recall any specifics.

But sometime after that, I was in one of our local beauty supply stores browsing when it just occurred to me to try some curl products. Right after college, I had a curl for a brief moment, and I remember I liked the way the products made my hair feel. And that’s when I made the decision to go with the following products

  • Care Free Curl moisturizer and curl activator or Wave Nuveau moisturizer (I don’t have a preference, either seems to work fine)
  • Pink (brand) Twist and Loc cream

Right after I shampoo, I saturate my hair with the curl activator. One of the main reasons I decided on a curl activator is that I hoped it would breath some life into my damanged hair. After I work that in, I saturate my hair with moisturizer. Then I braid up most of my hair and begin working on my hair style using the twist and loc cream. While I work on my twists, I do not let any of my hair dry out. I contantly spritz the rest of my hair with moisturizer. Once I’m finished, I saturate my entire head with moisturizer. Fortunately, this stuff dries fairly quickly. And to me (I made my friend Kim smell it once to confirm it), none of the curl products have a heavy scent. In fact, the moisturizer products don’t really have a fragrance at all.

Y’all might laugh…but me thinks I’m doing something right! My hair looks and feels 200% better than it did last spring when I first took it out of braids.

Oh there I go again. Check out the bottom right picture. I’m playing the How Long is My Hair game again!

One thing that strikes me about my hair is its color. If you look closely at some of the pictures, you’ll see some definite red undertones. Sprinkled throughout, I actually have strands of fiery red hair. I always knew that I did, I just didn’t realize how much until I looked at these pictures.


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