It’s Shampoo Day (Rinse and Conditioning) Old Routine

These Shampoo Day pics were taken back in February. I don’t know if you can tell but my hair has grown significantly in nine months. (See Shrinkage, Length and Texture Differences for most current Shampoo Day pics). Back then, I didn’t know about banding my hair. However, I have to say that it wasn’t horribly difficult to manage during and after the shampoo process. I think I started having more issues managing my length later, towards the middle of summer. Banding my long hair is definitely a necessity now…it just saves soooo much time detangling. In the pics below, my hair was probably aroung 9-11 inches long. It’s now November and my is now approximately 11-13 inches long. I’ll tell ya, those few more inches have made a big difference in terms of needing to find a new way to shampoo, condition, combing and styling my hair.


Let’s play how long is my hair? I’m not sure when these pics were taken…probably in February or March 2006 Couldn’t resist doing these pics because I’ve seen them in everyone else’s albums. After that I got to washing the conditioner out of my hair. As I look at the collage the pictures in the right column are actually in the wrong order. The two on the bottom are of me combing my hair as I rinse the conditioner out of my hair. I’ve always detangled like this and it works really well. Top two pictures in the right column are of me doing my final rinse.


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