My Niece in Flat Twists

February 23, 2006
Look at this cutie and those luscious bob-length Double-Strand Flat Twists (DSFTs)…she’s my niece…our future WNBA basketball player. This 11-year-old, 5’4″ dynamo plays on three teams. Scores in the double-digits most games. She’s also a straight A student in one of the best middle schools in the city. Told me today that I was her favorite aunt…I think that was because I picked her up from school and then took her to get something to eat.

These chunky DSFTs are a must have do for any fashion conscious 11-year-old that wants to look good both on and off the court. I measured her twists in the back and they’re about 8 inches long. The last time I measured her hair when it was out, I think it was about 16 inches long, so she has about 50% shrinkage. This do is probably more than a week old. Although you can’t tell it from the picture, fuzz factor is about a five on a 10-point scale. It would probably be lower than than but tying it up at night is totally out of the question. I made her spritz some moisturizer on it and brush the edges down before I took these pictures.

Maintenance: With sixteen inches of hair, her mom does not take it down to wash and condition it. It’s usually only taken down to do a new style. The one thing I don’t like is that her other aunt warm combs it before she braids it. Can’t control that now can I.

Fun fact: She hates getting her hair combed (no surprise there) particularly her edges since the knot up really badly. So one day recently, she decided to shave off her hair line in the back and in the front. I kept looking at her thinking her forehead had surely gotten bigger. I mentioned something to my sister who told me about the razor incident. It is growing back nicely though. Back in the day, we would have gotten our butts toh-up-from-the-flo-up. But in this day and age, apparently you just take away the kid’s iPod. But then, that leaves their x-box or DVD player to entertain them…hmmmmm.


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