Flat Twist Bun/Twistout (Combo Style)


Well, I suddenly got the urge to try a twistout on just the back. Ya’ll it came out soooooo cute. I took down four rows of double-strand twists in the back. I figured, since it doesn’t take me very long to do just four rows, it would be a big deal to do a retwist if it turns out that I either don’t like it very well or it doesn’t last that long.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure how this is going to hold up. Although it has great definition, I use a water and glycerin-based moisturizer. I think that pretty much means that I can’t spend a lot of time outdoors in high humidity with this twistout cause it just aint going to last.

Problems is, anything heavier and designed to block out moisture probably is mineral oil or petroleum based. Not only is it too heavy and makes my hair feel really yucky really quickly, those products also attract dirt and makes my hair hold dirt like you wouldn’t believe. Additionally, those products are designed to block out moisture, so sure they’ll repell the humidity and make my twistout last longer, but I’m not going to sacrifice moisture for my hair and the health of my hair in the long run, just so my hair looks cute for a few days in a twist out.

So, I’ll see. I’ll wear this for a couple of days (if possible) and see how it does. It might be better suited for the fall or on other summer days where the humidity isn’t really high.

UPDATE: August 1
Ok… Yesterday, I wore my twist out for a couple of hours out into the humidity. A friend of mine came to get me and we went to her house for a photo session. She needs a photo for one of her upcoming book covers. Anyway, she doesn’t have air conditioning in her car! We rode from my house to hers with the windows down. The side that was blowing in the wind was all poofed out…not terribly but was definitely not as defined as the left side.

So when I got back home, I retwisted the back. Took about 15 minutes to redo the four rows of twists back there. I intended to try and wear the twist out again today but guess what…it was pouring down rain this morning. Didn’t dare chance it. And it’s supposed to rain again tonight. Maybe it won’t be humid and raining tomorrow morning. It’s been drier than heck around here, and now that I’ve come up with a partial twistout, the weather wants to act stupid. But this is definately in the cards as a staple hair style. I love it. The top looks lacy and the bottom looks very pretty indeed!


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