Heat-free Strawset

Straw-set experiment

Ok…decided to re-twist this do today to freshen it up. I’ve been wearing this one off and on all summer. As I was applying my moisturizer and smoothing my hair out, I noticed my hair was making pretty spiral curls. So then I started playing around trying to make comb coils. Well the comb kept catching in my hair. So then I decided to use a large drinking straw.

But first I decided to take down only a few of my twists in the back just behind both ears to see how they would look. OK, they they looked great and had good definition. Got out and about to run errands, came back several hours later. They still looked good. Had good definition. I even stretched and played with them and they bounced right back.

Green light. Do the rest of them. So for three hours I took down each twist, and strawset each half. So for every one twist, I had two spirals.

So far, so good, until I got to two twists in the lower, center back of my head. See the yellow circle. That hair would not coil right. From the scalp to mid shaft, the hair would not coil. But the ends coiled up just fine. P.O’d me off. All that work to be ruined by a patch of hair that doesn’t want to cooperate.

I don’t think it’s a texture differentiation. Once again, I think it’s heat damage. However, that now that I think about it, that doesn’t explain the hair near the scalp since I haven’t used heat for nearly 8 months or more.

I’m so perplexed. This doesn’t make sense. The ends curl up just fine.

Crazy hair. I never noticed any problem with twists.


OK…I was all prepared for my hair to be looking really crazy this morning since I sweat so badly in the scalp at night. I figured all the humidity under my satin sleep cap would just make my hair poof out all over. But it didn’t. In fact, all the little spirals held together very nicely.

So now this honks me off even more. The thing about trying to wear twist outs is that although they’re cute, it still fights against what my hair obviously wants to do. And until now, my thought on that is my hair wants to nap up. But I’ve never really thought about that in terms of nap structure before. My naps, for the most part are tight coils. So all I did with my heat-free straw set was to provide a structure for these coils. That is why they’re staying put. My strands are doing what they like to do…coil.

Now, I have also noticed that compared to yesterday, shrinkage is still playing a major fact…much more quickly than it does in twists.

I’m thinking this will look really cute in a loose puff. The next time I have some time to experiment with this, I’ll give that a try.

2 Responses to “Heat-free Strawset”
  1. Chante says:

    I want to let you know that I have enjoyed your site today. I was just bouncing around different sites and found you. I, too, have tried this style. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my faves. However, I don’t use straws anymore. I just apply a creamy leave-in conditioner (mixed with aloe and a hair oil mix I purchased online) and coil around my finger until I get to the end of the section. I allow my hair to air dry. It looks just the same as yours above. Then after a few days, I gently separate the sections into 2 or 3. And Viola`! New look for 2 or 3 more days! Peace and Blessings to you and keep up the good work!

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Chante,
    Glad you like the site. I’m very finger coil challenged. I’ve tried and I’ve gotten my finger so wrapped up in the hair that I dang near cut off my blood circulation.

    If I could have done this without straws that would have been great!

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