Flat Twist Half Bun (Yet another variation)

Right side. Again, to create this style, you leave a little hair untwisted right in the crown…that provides the poof for the bun. You simply pull the twists from the the front, back over the loose hair, tuck it under and secure with a fashion comb or your favorite decorative hair pins or even tiny butter fly clips. The latter worked my last nerve, so I now use a fashion come to hold my hair.

I think I’ll keep my hair done like this for the majority of the rest of the summer. It’s just too cute, and very simple to do. I’ll continue to look for various ways to part the front for variety’s sake. But I don’t really think I’ll change up to much…but don’t worry…I’ll find other things about hair to keep my journal interesting.

Back. Ok…ok…like y’all don’t know this is the back of my head! LOL

Now remember, a couple of weeks ago I was sporting a head full of twists. I called that my Twistie Bob style. Can I tell you how big of a disaster tha was when I went to comb it out, shampoo and condition. My hair was extremely hard to comb out with a wide tooth comb which was very necessary before I even put my head under the water.

Well, I shampooed and then went to condition. Let me tell you, I just kept running into snags and snarls and several times I watched some small clumps of really long hair was down the drain. Sigh…

Not good. Not good. Well today when I was doing this hair style, I found three spots (fortunately small) where I could feel that I had literally torn my hair hout near my scalp. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Seems like I’m always doing something to damage my hair. Fortunately, one thing about having thick, nappy hair, nobody knows that damage is there but me.


This is the type of comb I used to secure my hair. It’s called a twisted metal fashion comb or twisted metal side comb. The twisted looped teeth are really comfortable against your scalp, and they grip you hair really well for a good secure fit. The one I’m using is black so it blends in really well with my hair. You can also find these combs all over the Internet with really pretty beads, pearls and other decorative things attached to the top. Such combs would be really pretty for dressing up your hair for weddings or other special occasions.


Ok, my niece snapped all of these pics for me. For some reason they all came out really dark so I had to lighten them soooo much to see the detail. Color sucks on them…looks like I’ve got green food coloring in my hair…but I really don’t…I promise you!

Anyway, since I had noooo idea what was going on all up in the back of her head, I recreated my flatwist half bun style with this. I was soooo stuck in a rut with how I had been parting my hair. This was a welcome change.


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