Hair Comparison Then v.s. Now

 In April of 2005, in between braidings, I started wearing twists. My braider was unreliable and would often cancel after I had already taken my hair down. Prior to moving back to my hometown, I never had such a problem when I lived in Cleveland. I’d take my hair down on Friday night/Saturday morning. Shampoo, condition, plait it up and let it air dry over night. On Sunday, I’d go get my hair braided, and on Monday, I’d be set to go with a fresh set of micro-braids. That was my ritual for almost three-and-a-half years.

After I moved back, I found an excellent braider. But because she was so unreliable, I was forced into looking for other options. As you can see in the pic in the upper left, my hair was in really bad shape. I was also pressing my hair intermittently, which was further damaging my hair. Look at the twists above my eyebrows…that’s heat damage folks. Burned my hair straight in a couple of spots.

Fastforward a little more than a year later. I stopped wearing braids for good in August or September of 2005. I stopped using heat in or around December of the same year. That, combined with some excellent product choices and lots of TLC has made a world of difference in the overall health of my hair.  

2 Responses to “Hair Comparison Then v.s. Now”
  1. ann says:

    I’m in the process of two strand twist. Please tell me what you did for them to look so great in the bottom picture. I need your help. They look wonderful.

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Ann,
    In this pic, my twists are fairly small and my moisturizer of choice is Pro Line LIte Comb Thru Moisturizer. I apply it to each loc of hair before I create a two-strand twist. I smooth my hair out completely and then I do my twists.

    This particular moisturizer is water/glycerine based. But glycerine is a humectant that absolutely needs high humidity in order to draw moisture from the air. Since winter air is dry air, glycerine is rendered inactive. Sooo I’ve been adding jojoba oil to my moisturizer. Jojoba oil is very much like the sebum that our scalps naturally produce and I reasoned that if I was going to experiment with using oil (normally I don’t) it made sense to try jojoba oil. So far, my hair seems to like this, and my hair still feels as soft, supple and moisturized as it did this summer. If I attempted this style right now, I think I’d get the same results as in this pic.

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