Large Puff

Large Loose PuffLarge Loose Puff 
Well now I just wasn’t feeling this big huge puff. This summer, I was really getting tired of styling my hair right after I shampoo — that just makes for an all day hair marathon. I like puffs, but since I find that leaving my hair out promotes too many knots on my ends. Plus, I find puffs to be just a little high maintenance. Gotta, put my hair up in fat puffs at night. Then in the morning, I gotta take ’em down. Get the scarf on, pat and fluff. Having to do that in the morning just adds time to my get ready routine. I have enough to do just getting me ready to go out the door. When I wear my hair in protective styles, I just get up, pull off my satin bonnet and go.

Anyway, this summer, I decided to wear more puffs since I wasn’t working. This was one of my first attempts at a puff that didn’t involve wearing my hair in flat twists leading into the puff.

My hairline is just causing me problems. I’ve been nursing it since last winter. Can I just say that I absolutely hate my hair line. I thought it was growing nicely. Then I started trying to wear these puffs. That’s when I noticed what looks to me like new breakage. I dunno. 😦 I so very much want to be able to wear a puff without having to wear a scarf or flat twists just to hide the breakage.

Nevertheless, I went out and found several very cute scarfs. The one in this picture is actually a belt off of some old outfit.


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