Nappy Hair Inspirations

I’d like to give a shout out to the following nappy NP-ers with hair albums and/or journals who have inspired me with their committment to the principles of nappturality and have enabled me to experience tremendous growth thus far in my napptural journey. Most of these women have extremely long nappy, nappy hair. Since my goal is to one day have very healthy, long nappy hair, these women remind me that it’s possible to reach that goal. Some of these women have average or kinda long hair. What attracts me to these women’s albums is how creative they are with both their hair styles and their personal style. In any case, they’re my favorites. I visit their albums quite often. Go ahead, go take a peak at

  • Cher79 This cute young lady has the grip of hair…more hair than I have EVAH seen on any one nappy head before. If you’re obssesed with length, volume and big nappy hair, just put on a bib and get ready to drool.
  • DeeCoily Also see Dee in my Notable Nappies section as well. She’s the founder of So pretty, so smart and so widely admired and loved for creating a safe haven for nappy people to learn how to love, take care of, style and maintain their natural hair. She’s on continuous report for RARELY updating her hair albums. But it’s not like she’s busy working, running a ranch in Austrialia, and maintaining a website for more than 50-thousand women around the world. So since she has NOTHING better to do, why can’t she update her hair album?! 🙂 

    Call for Paid Subscriptions and Donations
    If you already frequent this site, and you haven’t already, please become a subscribed member or donate. Nappturality costs more than $2,000 a month to run, which is mostly funded out of Dee’s own pocket. Current donation and membership levels help but barely put a dent in what it costs to keep this site going. Without it, so many people would still be chemically dependent, but thanks to Nappturality, many folks have broken the lye addiction and are now either on their way to or are fully enjoying their hair in its full natural glory. So please, if you’re an active participant on this wonderful site, enjoy it and have benefited from it in any way, shape or form, please, please, please get a paid membership or donate.

  • Jazitones One of my favorite NP members. Jazi, has an average length of hair and exudes a quiet, confident beauty along with a wonderful knack for creativity with both her hair and her personal style. She’s into photography like me, she’s a Libra like me and she’s a doting auntie just like me. Ha! we’re even about the same age! I really, really love her pics and thoroughly enjoy my visits to her albums.
  • Natitwists Nati is a beautiful sistah with the biggest prettiest smile along with a hair sense and personal style to absolutely die for. Oh my stars…wanna see some creativity with hair? Wanna see someone exude confidence wearing nappy hair? Wanna see some hair wraps that are simply the bomb? Then you gotta visit Nati’s album. Nati is also inspirational in words. Click Natural of the Month to read Nati’s Jan. 2005 interview on to find out what put her on the path to becoming natural and why she keeps it real.
  • Maestrodiva77 This goregous young lady is a concert pianist. I think she rivals Cher79 with regards to shear volume of hair. When I go to her albums, I just spend time drooling over the length and thickness of her hair…can’t help it. Both her mom and sister are also nappies, and she shares some pics of their journey and hairstyles in her album as well. 
  • Masoesa This nappy beauty has her own website, which sells products for natural hair. You’ll also find hair care tips, articles, nappy profiles and a whole lot more information that can help you live the nappy life. She also sports some really creative hair styles. When you look at her album, get ready for nappy chic! Yet another NP Natural of the Month. Read Masoesa’s story.
  • Roshini Ok…visit and get ready to roll up and stay awhile. Trust me, you go here and you won’t come out for hours. At least that’s what happened to me the first time I went there. Her website is not just a hair album, it’s a written journal of her life. She’s been nappy for a really long time, has really long hair and really loves sharing her journey starting from her big chop up until she started grad school earlier this year. But if you’ve never been there before, don’t worry about her not having any recent updates cause this album has something for every nappy at every length. She’s pretty, she’s witty and she’s stylish and really creative. You will simply LOVE her album! Another NP Natural of the Month. Click Ini’s story and learn more about her journey.
  • Sweet Africa Simply another beautiful long/big haired nappy woman with wondeful hair and sense of style. Sweet Africa She loves showing off her natural hair in all its glory. You won’t be disappointed. Her albums are password protected. You can find it in her signature line on NP. Sweet Africa is also another former NP Natural of the Month. Click here to read her story.

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