Nappy Niece at Spring Music Concert

Nappy niece at spring music concert

I twisted her hair for this pic and discovered that her ends were heat damaged. Her OTHER aunt on her dad’s side I found out, was pressing her hair before putting it in cornrows. The cumlative damage finally reared its ugly head. Her mom had to cut four inches of hair off. She still had good length though as it left her with 10-12 inches of hair. That was last spring. As of September, her hair seems to be growing back nicely. I begged my sister to tell the OTHER aunt not to put anymore heat on her hair. My sister, did press it once this summer…she doesn’t understand about heat damage yet. Doesn’t understand that you can’t go back and forth from thermal styles to nappy styles (which is the way her hair is worn 99% of the time) and NOT risk damage to her naps.

My soon to be 12-year-old niece, on the other hand…is just a tad bit oblivous to it all.


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