Party Puff!

Party Puff

Party Puff
Ok. I woke up really late on a Saturday morning and remember that I was supposed to go to a concert with my friend Kim. But my hair looked like a fuzzy rug. So I had to take it down and restyle really quickly. This is what I came up with. Used the little metal bands to dress it up. Borrowed some earrings from my mom. My 11-year-old neice said I looked cute, but not really in her usual enthusiastic way when she definitely likes something. So I’m pretty sure she didn’t really like the do.

Kim really liked it though. And her hair was really cute too. I only saw a few other nappies at the concert. Which turned out to be horrible because they were having to many sound problems.
Party Puff

3 Responses to “Party Puff!”
  1. Meranda says:

    OMG , what are those golden things you are wearing in your hair. I have been dying to find them !!!!

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Meranda and welcome!
    I found them at a beauty supply store. They don’t actually have a name. I had to describe them to the clerk and then I just happened to see them behind her. The only thing on the package was “hair accessory” and then the name of the company…which I don’t recall now.

    Sorry 😦

  3. Icequeen says:

    ooooo. i lllooove the party puff. i mmuuuust learn how to do the flat twists. watch out, girl. i’m gonna be cute wearing your great idea! great for summer!

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