My Best Friend Kim

Here’s my friend Kim. She’s a national best selling romance author and she’s been napptural for over 15 years. One day, she did the big chop and ended up with about four inches of hair. Said her mother would hardly speak to her for awhile. She got over it though…LOL.The biggest picture is of Kim … Continue reading

My Friend Margaret

Y’all, check out my friend Margaret! Isn’t she simply gorgeous sporting her TWA! When I emailed my friends telling them to check out my Hair Journal, I found out she had joined the naptural journey as well. Here’s her initial response to my journal: “Did I tell you I went natural back in 2004? I … Continue reading

Flat Twist French Roll (front/top)

Februrary 15, 2006 I absolutely love this style. My own invention, thank you very much! Not sure how I came up with it though. I also love this because I finally have about 1/2 inch of new growth where my hair was broken off around the edges. The first couple of times I wore this … Continue reading

Flat Twist French Roll (Top/right side)

  If anyone wants instructions on how to do this, I’ll try to give step-by-step instructions below. If you need clarification, you can contact me at The quickie steps are as follows: 1) Part hair from ear to ear across the top of the head. 2) Secure the hair in the back out of … Continue reading

Flat Twist French Roll (Left side/back)

  This part is kind of hard to explain. 5) In the back, part your hair behind both ears running down the back and across the kitchen ares. Make about four shallow DSFTs on each side and one or shallows ones right at the bottom of your kitchen (don’t know what else to call it.) … Continue reading