Flat Twist French Roll (Left side/back)

Flat twist bun (left side/back)Flat twist bun (left side/back2) 

This part is kind of hard to explain.

5) In the back, part your hair behind both ears running down the back and across the kitchen ares. Make about four shallow DSFTs on each side and one or shallows ones right at the bottom of your kitchen (don’t know what else to call it.)

6) Take all your hair, pull it back and create a French Roll. The loose hair in the back create volume so your Roll isn’t flat.

7) Secure with butterfly clips. Personal preference…I hate hairpins!

8) Optional curls on the side. You can either pull the hair back into the bun or leave some out for the little curly Qs on the sides. I use the flexible rods that come in multiple colors depending on size. The ones I use are yellow.


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