My Best Friend Kim

Here’s my friend Kim. She’s a national best selling romance author and she’s been napptural for over 15 years. One day, she did the big chop and ended up with about four inches of hair. Said her mother would hardly speak to her for awhile. She got over it though…LOL.The biggest picture is of Kim after receiving a Women of Color award. The smaller picture is me and Kim at the table at the end of the banquet. I’m sporting some of my first set of twists…still didn’t like them though even though I stuck with them!

Kim’s hair had just been done up special for this occasion but she later confessed that wasn’t exactly her style.

The pictures along the right were taken by me at her book signing. That’s right. Kim’s a national best selling romance author. (Oh…I already said that! I’m just so proud of her….like Gail cheering Oprah on!) She writes under the name of Kim Louise and was working her book signing at Borders last year…I think it was July. She’s sporting a gorgeous straw set. Ah, simply show stopping! Click on the image to get a better view of the smaller pics.

Also, she’s thinking about dreads…I’ll keep you posted.

Here are a list of her books, which you can find on

1) With Open Arms
2) Can I get an Amen
3) Chicken Soup for the African American Soul. Look for Kim’s story “The Nod”
4) A love of Their Own
5) A Thousand Kisses Anthology
6) The Glory of Love
7) True Devotion
8) Season of Love
9) Falling for You
10) A Touch Away
11) Destiny’s Song
12) Chemistry

She’s working on a new book and is now writing for Harlequin Romance. I’m sure she has told me the title, but I can’t remember it right now. I’ll keep you posted on this too or you can go to her web site (listed below) for more information.

The middle picture is Tish sporting twists and buying the Chicken Soup book.

When you get the chance, Kim’s web site is at

Coming soon: An interview with Kim about her new book and living life nappturally.

One Response to “My Best Friend Kim”
  1. lisanusu says:

    Glad to know that my mother isn’t the only who doesn’t like my new look,everyone else i care about likes it!

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