My Friend Margaret

Y’all, check out my friend Margaret! Isn’t she simply gorgeous sporting her TWA! When I emailed my friends telling them to check out my Hair Journal, I found out she had joined the naptural journey as well.

Here’s her initial response to my journal:

“Did I tell you I went natural back in 2004? I had to have surgery, and didn’t know what I was going to do with my hair. I decided that was the perfect time to go natural, so I had my hair cut in a short fro in July. I’ve been natural since, and LOVE it. I did not realize how much bondage black women were in when it comes to their hair. I just felt so liberated when I went natural, and I also came to love the texture of my hair.

We have been brainwashed into believing the texture of our hair is ugly; that nappy is a bad thing. I really feel sorry for all the women who are still wearing those perms. They really need to know the secret of nappiness. I wish I’d known about the secret a long time ago. Why didn’t you tell me? Of course I’m trying to get my sisters and sister-in-laws to go natural, but they aren’t buying it. Their loss”

Q: Going natural for most people isn’t an overnight decision. How did you come to appreciate your nappy hair, and what set you on the path to becoming a natural beauty yourself?
A: “I went natural because I was sick of sitting in the salon all day just to get my hair washed and styled. Heaven forbid when I had to get a relaxer; it was torture. But in Dallas all I saw was natural hair. That’s when I started wanting the natural look, but I was too scared to do it. I went to Birmingham to visit in February, 2004, and one of my girlfriends had her hair in a short curly fro. Her hair was so beautiful, I asked what she was doing to it and she told me nothing. I decided then I was going natural. If it was that easy, I was in! I was still too scared to go natural, but I did stop putting relaxers in my hair. My chance to really do it came when I had my surgery. I didn’t want to fool with my hair, so I had it cut off. Plus I was loving the styles the women were wearing in Dallas, and I saw there was a lot of versatility with natural hair. I really don’t think I would have gone natural if I hadn’t lived in Dallas. Natural hair was so prevalent there, and I saw it all the time. It just kind of grew on me.”

Q: What is your biggest challenge?
A: “My problem is my hair gets so dry. I dye it about every six months, and I need to stop it. I think the dye’s adding to the intensity of my dryness.

I had someone tell me to use shea butter on my hair, but I’m not sure if that’s greasy. I don’t want a greasy head. I’m also using some type of moisture lotion I bought at the salon about a month ago when I had my ends clipped. Being natural I thought I wouldn’t know when my ends were bad, but I can see and feel them. I thought I wouldn’t have to have them clipped when I went natural. Boy was I wrong. But anyway, that moisture lotion works really well, but it makes my hair draw up. It’s more for people with texturizers. I have bought so many products till I’m just sick. I’m just trying to find something that works, but I haven’t found the perfect fit yet. That’s the only negative thing I’ve run into since going natural…the dryness!

“This was taken a year ago. I started letting my hair grow out over this past summer (it sure doesn’t grow fast) so it’s a little longer now.”

Y’all need to give a shout out to Margaret for making the leap to nappturality. She looks devine!


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