Bun Accessory

I’ve been wearing this Flat Twist Half Bun all summer long. Gosh I love this style. All I do is restyle the top to give a different look. This past Sunday, I took the front down, brushed it real good to get rid of shed hair and then retwisted with all the parts originating from the center of my hairline at my forehead and fanning back.   Don’t know if you can visualize that or not. But anyway, I decided I wanted to see if I could dress up the back with some type of accessory. I’m really picky about what I put in my hair; it has to be nap friendly. Can’t have any “teeth” or hinges that will catch or cut my hair. This one looked pretty nap friendly, although the little pink things that are hanging down from the bottom of the barette do kinda catch my hair. So I have to be a little careful about removing it. 

Shampoo/condition cycle
I’ve kinda lost track but I think I’m into week three before I’ll shampoo again. Yep, you got it, I’m on a three week shampoo/condition cycle. Since I don’t load my hair up with a bunch or product anymore, this seems to be working for me.

Growth and Shrinkage Comparison
I’m stretching my hair here because I thought I’d do a growth comparison to a similar photo that I’d done back in July. Well, when I looked at them side by side, I couldn’t see any growth worth comparing. Of course it grew, however I think my niece just didn’t get a good stretch. Plus, I’ve kinda given up on worrying about growth and length retention in terms of inches. My goal is to keep it healthy, minimize breakage


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