Flat Twist/Twist with Bangs


This is one of my earliest attempts at styling my natural hair after I learned how to do flat twists earlier this year like maybe January or February of 2006. This started off as one style that I got tired of and morphed into another. Originally, my hair was done in all flat twists in the top and double-strand twists in the back. Then I decided to see if I could make bangs to soften my hairline. On the left side, these twists were parted on a slant. So I just took a few of these down and made double strand twists. The one in the front however is actually a double strand twist so that it would lay better at my hairline. Problem was, some of my hair in the front was heat damaged (I later ended up just cutting it out leaving my hair horribly uneven) where I had burned it straight with a pressing comb. So, that’s why I ended up swooping my hair behind my ear. It turned out really cute. However, I haven’t been able to dublicated it because of how even my hair ended up being after I cut the heat damage out. I am starting to wonder if it’s grown back enough for me to try this hair style again. I like it.


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