Flat Twist Half Bun with Decorative Hair Pins

This has turned out to be the first version of what has come to be my signature style. The first time I did my hair like this my sister took one look at my hair and exclaimed, “Your hair is really cute.” My niece and my mom enthusiastically confirmed that this was a really cute … Continue reading

Double Flat Twist Puff

 One of the main reasons I do such intricate flat twist style is because of my broken off hairline. As long as my hair is, my hairline prevents me from trying styles where I could just brush the top back. I shampooed last night but am not ready to do any intricate twist or flat twist hair … Continue reading

Shrinkage, Length and Texture Differences

Before I shampoo, I also wanted to take some pics that show length and also illustrate my different textures.   In the top, my hair is about 12-13 inches long. Can you see how straight my hair is in front. Top and front have a looser nap pattern than my crown, back and sides. Lower portions … Continue reading

Breakage, Growth and Progress

Y’all, it’s shampoo day. Yep it is. It’s been a little more than eight months since I started keeping a journal. In fact, I started documenting my journey on February 14, 2006. Back then, my hair out of braids was still so new to me, and after I joined Nappturality, I really began paying a lot more attention to my … Continue reading

My Naps as Art

Today, my hair is very, very fuzzy. But I have no desire to touch it up at the moment. Think my scarf came off last night. It usually doesn’t, but when it does I usually feel it, wake up and put it back on. Didn’t feel like doing that last night. This evening I decided … Continue reading

Nadia Turner

Remember Nadia Turner. She’s the black beauty with the stunning fro from American Idol’s season four. After Idol, she toured with the top 10 contestants, hit the talk show circuit and made guest appearances at various events. In 2005, she was featured in Glamour magazine and also graced the cover of Naturally You! Magazine’s September issue. According to … Continue reading

Don’t Touch My Hair!

If you’ve ever had a don’t touch my hair moment, I’m sure you can relate to this particular segment in the Boondocks comic strip. Enjoy!  Since I had to shrink this down it might be hard to read so I’m providing the text frame-by-frame below:  “Wow — your hair is so…different. It’s cool. Can I … Continue reading

No Refund/Exchanges Pisses Me Off!

I went back to Mid K’s our local Koren beauty supply store today and a sign behind the counter pissed me off royally. Absolutely no refunds or exchanges on beauty products. No exceptions. Now first of all, if you purchased the beauty product from K-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Sally and any number of other retail stores, … Continue reading

You Look Like You Have Naturally Curly Hair

Today, I’m once again sporting my signature style, my flat twist half bun with hanging twists. I secure the bun with a slider barrette. I absolutely love this style. You’d think I’d be sick to death of wearing it, but I’m not. Heck, when I was a permie, I wore my hair cut in a bob for … Continue reading

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Malcolm-Jamal (The hunk) Warner done all growed up. He is obviously well past his Theo Huxtable days. Damn! Yummy! Check below to see what Malcom is up to these days. Contradictions of the Heart (2006) (post-production) …. Miles Long Band The List (2006) …. Randy “Listen Up” …. Bernie Widmer     – Check Mates (2005) TV Episode … Continue reading

Tempest Bledsoe

Check out Miss Tempest Bledsoe. Aka Vanessa Huxtable from the Cosby Show. She is absolutely one gorgeous nappy. I knew was natural but I couldn’t find a really good pic of her. Finally found one on IMDB. All I can say is wow Tempest…wow! Here are some of her most recent credits “Fear Factor” … … Continue reading

My Hair Goals…Revisited

Today, on Nappturality.com (NP) someone bumped a thread asking nappies to list their hair goals. I wasn’t sure if I’d posted anything in that thread, but I had, way back in April 2006, just a couple of months after I had joined the site. Reading what I had written nearly six months ago was very … Continue reading

Lyes, Lyes, Lyes

Lyes! Lyes! Lyes! hair personified By Jtsupa Ahhhhh! Ouch! Ohhh! UP HERE! Yeah up here! Um H-E-L-L-O yeah hello, its me Up hear on your head…naturally Ok so I don’t normally complain but your pullin me too tight Putin me in styles that just ain’t quite right Victim of Box braids that pinch nerves and pull … Continue reading

Growth Comparison April-Oct 2006

 It’s not December 3. These pic were taken in April 2006. Problem is I can’t really tell where I sampled from in order to get a good comparison some 8 months later.   Well, as of late, I’ve been a little curious about whether or not I’ve made much progress retaining any length. Just on visual … Continue reading

I’m featured in Naturally You Magazine

Ok…So I’m not even sure why I went to their web site today. But once there I thought, “Ok…let me read some of the profiles.” So imagine my surprise that I was one of the naturals profiled! Wow. Too funny. So of course I had to post it here so that I’ll have a permanet … Continue reading