Slider Barrettes and Hair Clips

I’m always on the look out for nap friendly accessories. Upper left is what I call a slidder barrette for lack of a better term. I’m always looking for these types of barrettes. I don’t like hinged ones cause my hair always gets caught in the hinges and literally can be cut in half. I experienced that kind of damage all the time as a permie, and once I realized what was going on, I stopped using them.

Lower left is a Dollar General store find. They’re kind of flimsy and I have no doubt in my mind that the finish on them is not going to hold up very well, but they were two for a dollar, and I’m sure I’ll need the color to coordinate with an outfit one day so, bought several of these in different colors, and I’ll have them when I need them. Since they were so cheap, it won’t hurt my feelings with I have to through them away.

Upper right is a butter fly clip. It looks really cute holding my flat twist bun in the back.

Bottom right are little handmade clips I found at the River City Round Up festival. They’ll either be a birthday or Christmas gift for my niece. 


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