Jumbo Flat Twists/Fake Pony (Sides and Top)

This is my new protective style for the winter. I soooo needed a break from my hair. If I could, I’d go back to wearing microbraids for awhile. But I’d never risk tearing my hairline up again just for the sake of style — especially since I now know my hairline can’t take the stress. But what’s a sister to do? Then I remembered. When I was a permie, I used to slip a little piece of track weave hair up under my own hair to make my ponytail appear fuller. So a couple of days ago, I went shopping for a nappy looking ponytail.   This is what I found. Kinda looks like a strawset or maybe even a twistout. My flat twists converge together. Then I cut a piece…not sure maybe about 24 inches long… and secured one of the coils into my hair by making one big plait, which I then tucked under. Then I wrapped the track around the braid as close as possible to my scalp. I then used the slider barrette to secure the fake hair in place. Wallah…instant length and instant total protective hair style. No glue, no thread, no nothing to create stress on my hair. I can take it off when I get ready and put it back on in just a few minutes.

The really cool thing about this is the way the twists converge into the ponytail and provide a good continuation of texture. My flat twists actually look like they’re a twistout. The hair color is also a really good match to my own as well. The frizziness actually matches my real hair. Most folks black folks are really saavy about fake hair and can spot it a mile away, mostly because it people don’t try to make extension hair look real. But I think this looks fairly realistic. What do you think? Please leave your comments, I’m interested in your opinion. I haven’t worn weave hair since I took my microbraids out over a year ago, and to tell you the truth…I’m just a tad bit self conscious :).


Just a veiw of the top so you can see how I parted it. The flat twists actually stop just behind my ears. Then all the hair is pulled together in one big braid.  As you can see, these flat twists are off center. I purposely anchored the twists closer to the part. Doing this, I discovered, elongates the hair a little bit and enables my 4B hair to reflect a little more light and actually shine…just a little bit. It made my gray “sparkle” according to my mom. The funny thing about my hair is that almost all of my gray is in the top and the front — not in the back. Thank goodness because I would not have been able to get a good hair match other wise. The beauty supply store didn’t have any hair that only had a little bit of gray. So I had to go with the hair that didn’t have ANY gray in it.

7 Responses to “Jumbo Flat Twists/Fake Pony (Sides and Top)”
  1. sandra says:

    Well I think it looks great and authentic; so authentic in fact I wish you sold these tracts. Where do you find the type of tract to match your hair? any tips on getting the tract the right thickness or do you need to just play with it till you get it right.

    Also I like the flat twists towards the part; was that easier or harder to do ? I haven’t even mastered the center flat now I’ll try the side flat. I also like the side flate because it’s a very textural design.

    Now that’s what I call good hair.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks. I’m totally loving it. I just really needed a break and I noticed with the cooler weather, my hair felt drier. Not hard..nothing horrible, just not as moisturized with my regular routine as it had been during the hot, humid days of summer when my water/glycerin-based products could really work their magic.

    I found this at one of the Korean-owned beauty supply stores here in town. Specifically, it’s from the JANET Collection. On the label inside the package ist says Beauty Plus (TM), 100% Kankelanon with the J A N E T Collection logo if you will (really just the words) and then under that it says presented by Gold K (TM).

    It’s 16″ inches long but the curl/twist pattern shrinks it up to fall just below my shoulders…just the right length, I totally love it!

    No it wasn’t hard to do. When you twist it, you just have to carry the hair all the way over to the part. I’m right handed so it’s easiest for me make all my twists lay to the left. I start on the right side of my head and work my way to the other side. The trick is to keep your hands positioned the exact same way each time you start twisting a new section. If you switch up, your twists will end up laying in the opposite direction. It took awhile to figure this out.

    In terms of how much tract hair to use, just eyeball it. I had my niece help me wrap it, and then cut it once I got the desired thickness. Just remember, try to use the thickness of your own hair as a gauge if you’re going for a realistic look. I had another nappy person inquring about my hair at the mall yesterday and she thought it was real — and she was up close and personal. :lol:! Oh, you also have to remember you’ve got to figure out how to secure it. The only thing holding mine in place is the slider barrette. If it’s too thick, you might have to go to some sort of eslastic ponytail/barrret holder, and although I thought about doing that just to switch up, I’m not real sure how well that would hold in place.

    Hope this helps. And you’re right…I love having good hair, and I love sharing so you’re very welcome!

  3. GIGI says:

    I am a Music Producer, Writer and Party Promoter of events on the east coast. I came across your page today and I liked your hairstyle. And i liked how you had matched your texture with the weave texture.

    Have you ever tried getting the same texture as loose hair and do the braid twist technique with your hair and the loose hair.

    My daughter wears her hair natural and she used that type of hair and started parting her hair in small sections, a little larger than the micro braid size and started adding the hair on by braiding it in just to get it attached then about 1/4 inch in the braid she then started twisting it and don’t you know everyone stops her on the street and asks her “who did your hair”? She can wear that style for 3-4 months and her own hair grows with it and forms a pattern of the curl so just in case she doesn’t have time to take all of them out, she can take out the ones by her hairline and refresh those up. But the key to keeping hair in good condition is moisturize.
    Most of the products on the market for african americans have Petroleum Jelly in them which clogs the pores. If you use olive oil as a moisturizer and incorporate a scent of your favorite perfume oil into the olive oil just to scent it some,,, i recommend egyptian musk or somali rose oil, but use only a little because that oil is very strong,,, if used lightly is smells like ivory soap with a sweet scent undertone. But if you want something more perfumey,,, dont use the commercial oils that are the hybrid of the perfumes that are sold on the market. Stick with natrural scents like sandalwood, vanilla, coconut, patouli – mix this with some vanilla and frankincense….. Girl i have this mix patented already but i wanted to share this with you ,,, try that mix of oils alone,, then add some olive oil to it and apply to freshly washed hair… you will attract “so many people asking you ,, what are you’re wearing”

    Email me ok and keep in touch…
    Check out my page… on myspace… you will see a ski trip party that i had promoted that was advertised on NY HOT97 radio in March… I will update my page shortly.. But you can keep in touch with me by emailing me at my email address above…

    Take care and stay natural..


  4. nappyme says:

    Hi Gigi,

    I have, but since I keep my hair always slightly moisturized, shrinkage is a big time factor. Also, since I never let my hair totally dry out, twistouts don’t hold definition. And the few times that I’ve let it dry out and attempted a twistout, my hair is so porous that it immediately loses definition.

    I have given up on the twistout.

    Also… Your hair oil sounds great but sadly I have SEVERE perfume allergies so I can’t wear anything scented…bummer.

    I’ll checkout your MySpace page when I get a chance and drop you line.

    Thanks for visiting NPP101

  5. Kristen says:

    I love your site! I guess it’s because I love hair! I don’t know if anyone is looking for styles to wear while they are growing out their hair, but if s check out http://braidsbykristen.blogspot.com There are some amazing pictures there.

  6. nappyme says:

    Hi Kristen. Thanks! I just visited your site and you do excellent work. I would have loved to have cornrow extensions back when I was wearing braids, but I have NEVER liked that knot up front…telling the world that you have fake hair braided in. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter cause nobody’s really trying to pass extensions off as the real deal, but I’d rather have a natural looking hair line any day than that knot.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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