Flat Twist Phony Pony Portrait

4 Responses to “Flat Twist Phony Pony Portrait”
  1. JJ says:

    How do you braid you’re hair like that?

  2. nappyme says:

    JJ, my hair isn’t braided…it’s twisted. Flat twists and they don’t even resemble cornrows. I like them better cause they have more natural volume than cornrows.

  3. Malu says:

    I love this hair style. I am in my 1st week of transitioning and I have been wearing my hair in flat twists. Where can I find the extensions? The make the look awsome!


  4. nappyme says:

    Hi Malu,
    Glad you like it! This wasn’t done with extension but with a weft of hair that I wrapped around my own hair. I secured it with a slidder barrette. You have to be careful about how you wrap that weft cause it literally cut into my hair and chopped it right off in the back. I actually haven’t done that style since. Too chicken…

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