Growth Comparison April-Oct 2006

 It’s not December 3. These pic were taken in April 2006. Problem is I can’t really tell where I sampled from in order to get a good comparison some 8 months later.  


Well, as of late, I’ve been a little curious about whether or not I’ve made much progress retaining any length. Just on visual it’s hard to tell, plus, I don’t do as good a job as some might do who’s actually charting their progress. Don’t seemed to be very organized in that area. Then I rembered a pic a snapped last spring when I had insomina. I dug it up and took a comparison pic today. I’m guessing that between April and October, I’ve managed to gain about 2 maybe 2.5 inches. You can see that the same loc of hair is clealy below my chin. I suppose that’s not too bad. Ha! It’s progress, and I’ll take every inch I can get. 

Can you say geeky looking? No matter. I’m glad I had this pic, cause I’m currently in one of those, “I can’t really tell if my hair is growing,” phases. Now of course my hair is growing, but I guess my biggest concern is whether or not I”m doing a good job of retaining length. I’m also kinda comparing my hair texture in the two pic. Back in April, I was just barely into my journey from the stand point of knowing what was good for my natural hair. Just prior, I had been pressing it, blow drying it, using grease, mineral oil and other petroleum-based products on my hair. I was also still using sulfate shampoos. In general, quite frankly before February of 2002, I was doing NOTHING right when it comes to my hair. Looking at the bottom pic, there’s a definate difference is the way my hair looks. It looks softer and definately looks more moisturized. I’m on the right track.

When I was in high school, my pressed hair never grew much past my nose in the front. Barely touched my shoulders on the sides and never went past my collar in the back. It was; however, fairly thick. This is proof that when you know how to take care of your nappy hair, it will indeed reward you with length!


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