I’m featured in Naturally You Magazine

Ok…So I’m not even sure why I went to their web site today. But once there I thought, “Ok…let me read some of the profiles.” So imagine my surprise that I was one of the naturals profiled! Wow. Too funny. So of course I had to post it here so that I’ll have a permanet copy. But if you want to go to the site to check it out and read more of their articles, click Naturally You! Magazine Online

October 18th, 2006

Naturally You! Magazine Online

Natural Beauty // Deb in Omaha, NE

What natural hair style are you wearing in your photo?

Flat Twist Ponytail

How long have you been wearing your hair this way?

Since 2002. I’ve been heat free for three months.

What are your three favorite styles?

My three favorite styles include Curlie Bob, Flat Twist Low Ponytail and Flat Twist French Roll. I love naming my styles. I’m a photographer so I love taking pictures and making photo collages of my hair styles for my hair journal. This allows me to make sure that if I come up with a great style, I’ll have a record of it and will be able to duplicate my results at a later date.

What are your three favorite products?

Jason Pure, Natural & Organic Natural Jojoba Shampoo and its companion conditioner. My shampoo must be non-sulfate. I also like Carefree Curl moisturizer. Hated the stuff when I had a curl, so now, go figure!

Do you go to a salon, or style your hair at home?

I style hair myself. I tried going to a natural salon, but I really needed to learn how to do my own styling. Plus, doing it myself has helped me get to know my hair and its unique needs. I also save tons of money by doing it myself.

What has been your toughest hair struggle, physical or mental?

My toughest struggle was physical. In 2002 I experienced yet another bout of severe breaking and thinning hair so I decided to ditch relaxers once and for all. Then I discovered that I was diabetic and needed to take off weight. Since I’d need to work out all the time for the rest of my life, pressing and curling my hair was just not an option. I finally settled on micro braids. I wore them for three-and-a-half years so I missed the who mental transition phase that most people go through when they decide never to relax again. But when I came out of braids for the last time last year, I had seven to 6 to 9 inches of hair, and had no idea how to care for or style it.

I started pressing it but of course I couldn’t sustain a press and curl in the heat, humidity and through a workout in the gym. Then I discovered an online hair-care forum called Nappturality. It introduced me to a whole new way of thinking and ways to care for my hair. By checking out everyone’s hair albums and becoming an active participant in the forums, I discovered nappy pride. I’ve also learned to care for my hair, how to style it, and as a result, I have an absolute love affair for all 9-12 inches of my thick, nappy hair.

Are you natural for life?

Yep, back when I wore braids, I knew I’d never go back to wearing relaxers, but I figured I’d wear my hair in braids forever. But obviously that didn’t happen. Now that I know and understand my hair, I’m definitely a life-long nappy. I love being nappy. I feel empowered in my nappiness. I’ll never use heat or chemicals again! Recently, a friend of mine took some pictures of me and my family at an event, and I stopped him and said, “Hold on, I gotta make sure my naps are cute.” My friend was like, “You are so crazy.” But I’m serious about how I use the word nappy. That’s what my hair is, and I’m proud of it. So yes, I’m crazy…nappily, happily so!

Naturally You! Magazine Online
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2 Responses to “I’m featured in Naturally You Magazine”
  1. Kaya Casper says:

    Thank you ma’am, for your interview and for the link – great site!

  2. nappyme says:

    Kaya, it was indeed an honor to be featured in your magazine. It’s equally an honor having you visit my site! I’m glad you like it!

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