Lyes, Lyes, Lyes

Lyes! Lyes! Lyes!
hair personified
By Jtsupa

Ahhhhh! Ouch! Ohhh! UP HERE!
Yeah up here! Um H-E-L-L-O yeah hello, its me
Up hear on your head…naturally

Ok so I don’t normally complain but your pullin me too tight
Putin me in styles that just ain’t quite right
Victim of Box braids that pinch nerves and pull veins
No nap showin so ignore the pains

Umm hmm okay so you say it’s not you…it’s me
But don’t you understand that I got here…naturally
Circumstantial evidence of heritage
Rise from the very source of parentage
Results in semi self hatred…and you call it a style

Dam* am I any different from your color…or can that be “fixed” too?!

Haah Sooo whether your lye n or not lye n at all
It don’t matter cause you’ll burn me just to make me fall

Oh okay so you don’t care… just wanna destroy me
De kink the kink, Un twirl the curl
And of course you have to force the coarse…to go straight
Would you like me to tell yah how I got here… naturally?

Out of your head
Hairs just skin dead!

No ha ha but seriously
I didn’t start off this way

Just got mad one day
When you didn’t want to accept me

So now I’m lye n here all lush
In your brush

Tellin you bout me

I wrote this poem a while back (shortly after I bc’ed) for a creative writing course. I recently resubmitted it for revision and I wanted to share it with you all. Let me know what you think!


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