My Hair Goals…Revisited

Today, on (NP) someone bumped a thread asking nappies to list their hair goals. I wasn’t sure if I’d posted anything in that thread, but I had, way back in April 2006, just a couple of months after I had joined the site. Reading what I had written nearly six months ago was very interesting. Although I hadn’t kept track of them per se, I guess they were pretty well right on the mark in terms of the things that I wanted to accomplish like embracing nappturality, learning how to care for and style my nappy hair. So, I decided to post them here, that way I can keep better track of my goals and progress going forward.

Ultimate Hair Goal: Fifteen inches of hair…anything else will be icing on the cake for me
Still working on this. When I wrote this, I wasn’t sure it was attainable. Now my hair measures 13 inches in spots it seems within reach. But I’ll amend this to say my goal is to have MOST of my hair measure 15 inches by next April 2007.

*Promote continued growth of hairline, which sustained breakage due to improperly maintenanced microbraids
Still working on this. I’m not sure what’s going on with my hairline though. Looks like it continues to break. Angry_boese008.gif I’m frustrated. I have areas above my temples that are not growing at all…in fact, it seems to be getting worse. I might actually have to see if I can find something to stimulate viable hair growth in these areas.

Retain three additional inches of growth by end of year.
Might just meet this goal. Apparently I took a Growth pic back in April. Took a comparison shot yesterday and it appears that I’ve roughly gained about 2-2.5 inches. Maybe I can get another inch by end of year to meet my goal.

*Experiment with various styles until I find my own “signature” style. Some folks are known for their fierce fro, twistout, locs, etc. I want to find maybe one, two or three reliable styles that I can count on to look good and look really good on me.
Mission definitely accomplished. Back when I wrote these orignal goals, I was just learning how to style my hair. Now I think I’m purty dang good at it. Got two styles that I absolutely love. My flat twist half bun with hanging twists, my flat twist pony tail and my full head of twists. I get an A+ on styling.

*Get over the urge to p.ress or blow dry my edges so that they don’t look so rough against the rest of my hair while they’re growing back. While I swore off heat earlier this year, I still have an urge to want to do this. Need to desperately get this out of my system. I truly feel like a junkie going through heat withdrawl sometimes… I just keep telling myself…heat is bad, heat is bad…heat is bad…(Man…this one feels like a Naps Anonymous confession) I think I’ll get over this once I get more length around the edges.
This urge is no longer nags at me the way it once did.

*Find a good hair care regiment and stick with it.
Done. This has evolved over the past six months. I’ve found products that work. I’ve found a way to wash my longer hair so that it minimizes tangles. I’m happy with what I have, but I’ll keep looking for ways to improve. I’ve stopped using heat. I’ve stopped blow drying. I’m much more patient and gentle with my hair.

*Continue to enjoy and appreciate my nappturality.
Definitely have grown in this area. I love my hair for what it is and don’t stress over what it can’t do. I’ve embraced shrinkage. I think my twists look much better in their shrunken state. I’d rather keep my hair moisturized continuously so I can’t be bothered with trying to have defined twistouts and such. My hair just is and that’s all I can ask it to be.

New Goals for October 2006 thru April 2007

Retain three more inches

Stop doing things that break my hair. From that respect I have to give myself an F. I’ve got spotty breakage all over my head from sleeping in accessories for weeks on end. Not finding and removing all my twists before I shampoo, condition and comb out caused me to tear my hair out in several spots. Uhhggg!

Find some more really cute hair styles to wear that involve twists/flat twists.

Get a handle on my hairline breakage. sad.gif 


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