You Look Like You Have Naturally Curly Hair

Today, I’m once again sporting my signature style, my flat twist half bun with hanging twists. I secure the bun with a slider barrette. I absolutely love this style. You’d think I’d be sick to death of wearing it, but I’m not. Heck, when I was a permie, I wore my hair cut in a bob for close to three years, so I guess there’s nothing wrong with me wearing my signature nappy do to death either.  

I just restyled my hair last night, and on the way home from work, decided to stop off at Mid K’s to buy some more moisturizer. Used the last of it up redoing my hair. Mid K’s, is one of two local Koren beauty supply stores, and they have three locations around the city. The one I’m in is in the heart of the hood. Dang I hate giving my money to them, but I can get an 8oz tube of my Pro-line Comb Thru Lite Creme Moisturizer for $2.99. Walgreens carries a smaller tube for about the same amount of money. That’s why MidK’s gets my business, and that of most black folks in the city for that matter. Anyway, I’m walking around the store browsing, looking at product and checking ingredients, and one of the young sales girls catches my eye so I smile, and she smiles back.

“Are you ready to checkout?”

 “Naw, I’m just gonna browse a little more.”

So I continue. I look at the weave hair. I look at accessories then I decide I’m bored and walk back to the front of the store. I hand her the product. She smiles again and says she can take me over at a different register.

I follow her over to the other counter, and she looks up at me, and says, “I really like your hair, it’s very pretty.”

“Thank you,” I say. “I thought I saw you eye ballin’ my hair.”

 “Who does it?” she asks.

 “I do.”

“Wow… And it’s all natural…that’s all your hair?”


 “Well it sure looks better than some people who try to wear their hair natural.”

Uh-oh, time to educate. She may be sorry she said anything to me by the time I’m finished. “Well, that maybe because they have not learned how to care for nappy hair. Seventy percent of all black women have chemical relaxers in their hair. Most have NEVER even seen their own hair. So when you first go natural, a lot of trial and error is involved before you find what’s right for you.”

“But your hair looks naturally curly.”

Wow. The last time I was at one of their other locations, another young sales clerk told me I had “good” hair and that’s why I could be natural. “Your hair is soft, mine isn’t like that.” At yet another one of their locations, one of the sales clerks asked if my twists were real, and if she could touch them. I said sure, no point in not taking advantage of yet another teachable moment. But the next thing I know, all three of the sales clerks, all young black women were feeling all up in my naps amazed at how soft they were. There was a black guy standing by the counter talking on a cell phone staring at the nappy love fest in either confusion, amazement or both. There were even some white customers in there staring at us as well. Fortunately no one was ready to check out or waiting for help at the moment. Good thing, cause the three ladies were more intent on asking questions about how I got my hair so soft, what I used on it, how I got my twists to stay…etc., etc., etc.

Now I have to tell you, that although I’ve been natural coming up on five years, I wore micro braids for over 3.5 years with absolutely no break. I only stopped wearing braids a little over a year ago. Although I’m now totally comfortable wearing my own hair, it’s still very new to me. So I have a very heightened awareness of folks checkin’ me out…even when they think they’re doing it on the sly. And, while I’m sure some of the thoughts are negative, I’ve only ever had positive feedback when folks do decided to say something to me. So of course, each time I go looking for hair product in one of these stores, I eat the attention up like a little kid in a candy store. Today was no exception.

“Naturally curly?” I say. Ok…that’s another new one for the books. That’s something else my nappy 4B hair has never been mistaken for…naturally curly hair.

“No, my hair is naturally, nappy. Nappy hair is made up of really tightly wound coils…you know, like what you’d find in an ink pen. So when you use the right product,” I say pointing to what she’s ringing up for me, “and you twist it, the coils helps your hair stay together. If you hair is healthy, the ends will kinda curl up.”

Now she’s just looking at me in total disbelief. Apparently she doesn’t believe that regular ‘ole nappy hair can look like mine. Uh-oh. Gotta convince her otherwise. I hate it when people look at my hair, and think there’s something so special going on that they could never grow their own healthy, natural hair that can be easily managed, attractively styled, and easliy maintained. So I took one of my twists stretched to show the length. Then I took one down.

“So that’s just your hair twisted?” Now she’s catching on. “Yep, and sometimes I’ll take all these twists down and just wear the back in a twistout. It’s really cute,” I said as I retwisted my hair.

“That is so cute. I wish I could learn how to do that. I can’t even braid my own hair. If I could do that, I’d go natural too.”

“You could learn. I had to learn. In fact, I’m thinking about starting a natural hair group. I think there’s a lot of woment who would go natural if they thought their hair would grow, be healthy and attractive all at the same time.”

“Well I’d be interested in something like that.”

“You would? Give me your name and number. When I get this going, I’ll give you a call.” While she was writing, I realized the store had closed. Time for me to get off my nappy soap box, take my purchase and get going.”

“Well you take care,” I say.

“Bye,” she says.

“Bye,” I say as I walk out into the parking lot. Dang it’s raining. But not matter. It’s a little chilly, but it’s not like I have to worry about the light misty rain messing up my hair. Has something to do with my hair liking moisture. Yep, that’s it…moisture is always a nappy’s best friend. 🙂

One Response to “You Look Like You Have Naturally Curly Hair”
  1. Tashina says:

    I don’t know why this article popped up when I was looking to find something about black soap. Oh well, I enjoyed reading it anyhow. There is a Mid-K around where I live, and I absolutely love shopping at that store. I noticed that now they are carrying some brands that I love like Black Earth/Royal Roots, Nubian Heritage, etc. They even have some unrefined shea butter and black soap. However, it’s cheaper to buy them online because of the amount that you get and the cost.

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