No Refund/Exchanges Pisses Me Off!

I went back to Mid K’s our local Koren beauty supply store today and a sign behind the counter pissed me off royally. Absolutely no refunds or exchanges on beauty products. No exceptions.

Now first of all, if you purchased the beauty product from K-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Sally and any number of other retail stores, if you didn’t like the product you could bring it back and exchange it or return it. I have on rare occasion gotten something home and decided nope, now way do I want to keep this stuff. Reasons have ranged from an unagreeable oder and consistency to not delivering the results that I think it should have. I’m an absolute firm believer in returning things when you are not happy with what you bought — for any reason. And your reason shouldn’t matter. If you don’t like it, whomever you purchased it from, within a reasonable amount of time, you should take it back.

I bought something from Mid K’s this summer, and the reason now escapes me as to it was, and why I wanted to return it. I took it back about four or five days later and the lady behind the counter had just a generally nasty attitude. Left the cash register to go in the back, presumeably to get authorization to take it back, and then returned to tell me that next time I only had three days to bring something back if I didn’t like it. She’d take it back “this time,” she said.

I told her I thought three days was a very short time frame, and everyone else in the city had better return policies than that. She just shrugged. I smiled but inside I was really pissed off.

So today, when I noticed the sign, I talked with one of the store clerks and asked her why they would make such a policy. She gave me some stupid story about people might use the product or tamper with it and bring it back. I told her that every store in the city takes hair products back, and they just damage the merchandise out send it back or whatever. Consumers should not have to keep products that they don’t like, specifically since you can’t know how it’s going to perform on your hair until you get it home and try it. So yeah, it would be used. I told her to think about how unfair the policy is and then I’m sure she’d come to the same conclusion…it’s an unfair practice.

I may just have to switch to another moisturizer that I can get somewhere else. I currently love Proline Comb Thru Lite Creme Moisturizer. It’s sooooooo dang cheap at Mid K’s, and no one else can match what they sell it for in volume and price. It just makes me so darned mad the Mid K’s is in the heart of the black community, yet they treat their customers with so little respect when it comes to their retail practices. I hate to switch products or have to pay more for the same product somewhere else, but on principle alone, I may just have to.

Damn! Damn! Damn!
— Florida Evans (Esther Rolle) on Goodtimes when she finally decided to grieve after burying her beloved husband James. In real life, may she rest in peace.


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