My Naps as Art

Today, my hair is very, very fuzzy. But I have no desire to touch it up at the moment. Think my scarf came off last night. It usually doesn’t, but when it does I usually feel it, wake up and put it back on. Didn’t feel like doing that last night. This evening I decided to lurk in and ran across a pic that inspired me to try something I saw in her album. Although my hair isn’t as long as her’s in the pic I saw, I thought I might be able to pull it off. The one thing I like about her, is that she will work a style to its most absolute fuzzy death before she restyles — and she always looks adorable. It doesn’t matter if her do is one day old or several weeks old. I really admire that.

 Anyway, I decided to take pics. Once I got them downloaded, I decided to get all artsy with them. Gave me a reason to play around with some features in my Photoshop Elements software. It was fun, and I really, really, like how they turned out. Please, enjoy!

My hair is currently parted and styled to wear in a Flat Twist Half Bun. It’s my favorite style. I simply pull my flat twists back and secure midway with a slider barrette. The rest of the twists hang freely in the back. I’ve been wearing this style off and on all summer long. Everytime, I wear my hair a different way, I miss this style, so I put it back in. In the pic above, I’ve taken the bun down and let all the hair twists hang freely. I think my hair would look really cute if I wore a head band across the top to. I need to find one that I’d really like to wear.


I thought this turned out really cool. It’s a pic of the back of my head…just in case you can’t tell.

Another pic of the back of my head. I’ll really be glad when the twists in the top of my head reach all the way down to my collar. That will give me the thickness that I long for and make my hair look and lay sooo much better. I’m not terribly unhappy with my hair right now, but this falls right in line with my hair goals. I think I’ll name this one Twisted Envy.

Next, I pulled my twists back into a pony tail. I never wear my hair like this because I’ve never had enough hair. But now, as you can see it’s getting pretty long. However, I’d still like my hair to be longer and fuller before I pull my hair back like this. I hate looking bald.

Here, I pulled the ponytail twists up toward the top of my head and secured with a bobby pin. Actually, I had to make my ponytail a little lower so when I pulled it up, it would sit so high ontop of my head.

Ok…you really have to look closely at this pic, cause the frost effect and the shadow cast again the wall when I took the pic kinda makes me look like I have a really big head. As you can see, I decorated the bottom of the ponytail with a gold slider barrette. Looking at this pic, I ended up moving the barrette up…just a tad…cause I don’t think it was covering the ouchless band I used to secure my hair in a ponytail.

Yeah! This is really cool!

The effect in this pic isn’t as abstract so you can see my hair and the barrette a lot better.


I really like how this effect turned most of the pic black & white but left just a touch of color in it. I’m not crazy about the pic in terms of showing my hair, but for overall asthetic reasons, I really like it.

8 Responses to “My Naps as Art”
  1. jazitones says:

    Girl I just love playing the different features. The pictures are nice.

  2. nappyme says:

    Thanks Jazi…Again, you were one of my inspirations for this. Another person that likes to get really artistic with their pics is FluffyAsh.

  3. CarmenNC says:

    i’m loving the frosted one and the digital box effects. for some reason the frosted one looks like crochet to me.

  4. #7 says:

    I really like the second to last picture. I love your flat twists.

  5. Naturally Divine says:

    Dontcha just love photoshop! There is so much to learn in using it. Your pictures are lovely, my favorite is the one with the hint of red in the left corner.

  6. faithworks says:

    They are all very creative! My pick is the pic under the green one where you are looking to the side.

  7. libertyacc says:

    you have an awesome smile!

  8. jnetteb says:

    so cute, NappyMeHappyMe! I am going to visit you more often!

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