Breakage, Growth and Progress

Y’all, it’s shampoo day. Yep it is. It’s been a little more than eight months since I started keeping a journal. In fact, I started documenting my journey on February 14, 2006. Back then, my hair out of braids was still so new to me, and after I joined Nappturality, I really began paying a lot more attention to my hair with regards to its overall health, its likes, dislikes, wants, needs and length. Although my hair was relatively healthy, I realized my hairline was shot to hell from wearing microbraids for three-and-a-half years. Pressing my hair had damaged it beyond repair in several spots, and yet through all of this, I had relatively good length.

The picture at right depicts burned straight hair. Look at the twist that I had set on a flexible rod so I could have a curly cue with this hair style. See how the top part of the twist is all plump and healthy and the last few inches is bone straight? If you didn’t know better, You’d think I still had relaxed ends. Nope. Did that with a pressing comb all through my hair and all on the same day!

Ahhh…the length. I think this is when I also, for the first time, realized that my hair had the potential to grow really long. So that will continue to be a long-term hair goal. That’s why I agonized over cutting out my heat damage that was in the front of my head. It was really messing my twist hair styles up. Some parts of my hair was long and stringy and so one day, I just cut all the straight parts out. Then for a while, I was literally sick about it. That’s when I posted on NP and someone told me that having even hair was over rated when you’re a nappy. I got to thinking about that and that really changed my whole view on that. When you’re nappy, your naps hide the disparities in length. So much so, that most of the time I don’t notice how short my hair is in a few spots. Except my hairline. That I notice. As a result, I do everything I can to keep the stress off my hairline so that it can grow back. Today, I decided to document the challenges I’m having with growing my hair back in four spots. Some due to breakage and others because I got scissor happy. In either case, it will be interesting to see what kind of progress I make six months from now.

I started noticing thinner shorter hair in these two areas way back in 1995 when I was still perming my hair. Then, I only exacerbated the problem when I started wearing microbraids back in 2002. I know the braids were weighing too heavily on my hairline right here and was tearing it out. By the time I stopped wearing microbraids in about July of 2005 I was nearly bald right here. Thank goodness it’s growing back…very slowly but apparently surely.


The differences in length is due to the heat damage I cut out. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. The shorter hair makes it really hard for me to just comb my hair back and wear an occasional puff because my hair just won’t lay down and it looks very fuzzy in spots. I started wearing a scarf to hide the damage, but really, I think I may have caused some additional breakage by wearing the scarves this summer.

As much as I loved my phony pony several weeks ago, I was sleeping in the slider barrette that was holding it in place. I took it all down just one week later because I had a sneakly suspicion that I was damaging my hair. I was right. When I pull my hair back into a pony tail, this little lock of hair is now about the length of where my ponytail band was. Looks like it was cut by scissors. This hair used to stretch past my shoulders.

So what’s the hair lesson for today? Don’t do things that stress your hairline. Keep all sources of heat away from my precisous naps and do not sleep in hair accessories.  

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