Double Flat Twist Puff

 One of the main reasons I do such intricate flat twist style is because of my broken off hairline. As long as my hair is, my hairline prevents me from trying styles where I could just brush the top back. I shampooed last night but am not ready to do any intricate twist or flat twist hair dos. So I started experimenting and this is what I came up with.

Now my edges still look rough, but they appear to be laying down better cause their a tad bit longer. I will say that I’m not liking the way my moisturizer is making my hair feel these days either. The glycerine can’t work at all in cooler weather. Yep, I’ma definitely going to have to find something different for the winter months. Dang. 

I’m not really crazy about the quality of these pics. I’m experimenting with the exposure settings. I’ve actually really come to hate my digital camera. I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. It under exposes everything…even with a flash. And white balancing the camera is 100% necessary because if you don’t, you get some really nasty looking color cast to the pics. Even with the white balance, the color is not great.

When my sister was in college, she pressed her hair. She’d wear her hair like this, but then she’s secure her hair in the back with a side comb. Back then, her hair was really long and healthy. But you’d never know how long her hair was cause she never, ever wore it any other way.

I’d really day dream about having really long hair, which translates into a very massive puff. Right now, considering shrinkage, I guess this ‘lil ‘ol puff will do. I love shrinkage wehn I wear my twists. But with this do, I’d love to counteract the shrinkage just a little to in order to have more volume. Oh well, time and patience will get me there. Right?

Well, I think I can get away with wearing this for a couple of days. Tonight, I’m going to take the slider barrette and the ouchless elastic ponytail band out. Braid the puff up and put my scarf on. Hope this do survives for a couple of days with out having to do anything accept put my puff back in. If so, I won’t have to do a serious protective style until Wednesday.

3 Responses to “Double Flat Twist Puff”
  1. leia says:

    that style is lovely. too bad i cant do that to my hair for several years.

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Leia!

    Thanks. With time and patience you’ll get there for sure.

    Take care,

  3. Joyce says:

    As always, thanks for keeping me informed about our hair. I admire the many creative styles that you have shared and also how to take care of my hair. Now that my hair is longer, I am going to try the new way of shampooing without tangles.
    I live in the Cleveland area and would appreciate knowing where you buy your products.

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