Drying, Moisturizing and Styling My Hair

IMG_0376i.jpg picture by Nappyme

Ok! All done. As you can see, my hair wanted to desperately shrink up the bands kept it stretched out.

IMG_0377h.jpg picture by Nappyme

Side view. It did shrink some but the point is that it will not be tangled up as I start to work with it now section by section.

IMG_0378g.jpg picture by Nappyme 

Here, I’ve taken one of the band off so and stretched my hair so you can see how well the banding worked. At this point my hair is practically tangle free and I can run a wide medium tooth comb or even my Denman brush through my hair very easily. In fact, I though there was a pic of me doing that, but I don’t see it in my down load. If I run across it, I’ll stick it in here. But you’ll just have to trust me on this. At this point, I am NOT fighting any tangles!

IMG_0379f.jpg picture by Nappyme

To dry your hair, take the towel and blot a section of hair. Do not rub or roughen up. Keep your hair stretched out to avoid letting your hair shrink and avoid tangling. Or all this work will have been for nothing.

IMG_0380e.jpg picture by Nappyme

Work your way down the section of hair…not up. Again, you’re trying not to roughen up your cuticles.

IMG_0381d.jpg picture by Nappyme

Once you’ve gotten as much water out of you hair as you can, go ahead and twist it up. At this point I don’t use any product on it. I used to put moisturizer in my hair at this point but it just seemed to not do much good. My hair would still feel dry to the touch the next day…just as if I hadn’t put any moisturizer in it. Last time, I let my hair air dry over night and moisturized the next day. My hair doesn’t feel horrible but I’m thinking it could feel better.

IMG_0382c.jpg picture by Nappyme

Anyway, do this to every section of hair until your finished. Should take that long cause at this point, you’re not detangling.

IMG_0385a.jpg picture by Nappyme

Wallah! I”m done. Look at my friend’s little grandson Xayvier. Not sure if I spelled that right. He’s such a cutie pie. We call him Zay for short. Or his Ga’ma calls him Poopers. I’m sure he’ll hate that when he gets older. 🙂

DoubleFlatTwistPuff3 1 

Last pic. The next day, I applied my comb thru moisturizer and came up with this new do. I call it a Double Flat Twist Puff…or something like that. If I had to, this do is quick and simple enough that I could do it immediately after I shampoo. And if I wanted it to be a protective style, all I would have to do it to make my puff one big twist. At night, I simply remove the band and the slider barrette and make one big braid in the back. Since I’m adding this pic a couple of days after doing these shampoo pics, I’ve discovered that my broken of edges only allow me to get two days our of this before I have to restyle. But it’s such a quickie, I actually don’t mind. Anyway, click here, to see more views.

7 Responses to “Drying, Moisturizing and Styling My Hair”
  1. Tia says:

    Thank you so much! I am going to use this technique. I was JUST complaining about 1 week ago that I can’t stand the tangles I get when I wash my hair…………………..THANKS TO YOU! I am going to use it today cause I need something to help me cut down on the tangling! THANKS!

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Tia! I’m sooooo excited for you. When you try it, come back and post and let me know how well it worked for you. I hope a lot more folks try it and are able to cosign with me on this. If you follow this routine, you’ll never have to deal with combing out nappy hair after you shampoo ever again.

  3. April says:

    Hello!!! I love your website and your way of articulating each process, which is important when nappy. Attention to detail is a must. You seem to know this already. So please keep up this good work. I have three girls. All of us are nappy except for my oldest whom I believe will be transitioning to nappy one day because of a question she asked me the other day. Any way, the banding I will be using because my four and five year old are in tears when I am trying to untangle there hair. They are nappy and I want to promote healthy hair and hopefully pain free as possible. Thanks dear. Love ya!!!

  4. nappyme says:

    Awe April thanks! I’m sooooo glad you’re finding helpful information…particularly information you can use to help make it easier to work with your girls’ hair. If you can show them that nappy hair isn’t hard to take care of, they’re likely to not dread having nappy hair as they get older. My niece, will sometimes long for straight hair, but she’s certainly not obsessed with it and rarely if ever asks to have her hair straightened. She has a wonderful love and appreciation for her hair and I think that starts with the adults around her. So I commend you for taking the necessary steps for promoting healthy and pain free hair cause it certainly doesn’t have to be.

    When you do the banding come back and let me know how it works.

    God Bless and take care,

  5. I am nappy and VERY tender-headed. I lose lots of hair detangling before and after my wash. I will be trying this technique today! Thanks for your very informative blog.

  6. Terri says:

    Thank you, thank you for introducing me to banding. It has made a world of difference. I use much less product and it takes me about 15 minutes post wash to comb through my mid-back length hair. I also think I am able to do a more thorough job of washing. Thanks, again.

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