Twistie Bob/Half Bun (Two-in-one-do)

 Ok…I tried to twist this do to fashion a Bob hair style. To that end, it does somewhat resemble a bob. Problem is, I’m not crazy about how flat it is on the top and how thin it looks on my right side. I think it’s thin because of where I cut out a lot of my heat damage so the ends of the twists on that side of my head doesn’t have enough hair to make it look fuller. So, the great thing about that is that I can pull the top and sides back, secure it with a slider barrette and wear my ‘ole reliable Flat Twist Half Bun do. Cause really, I’m not feeling this do that much.

Top view so you can see how the flat twists radiate from the front. The sides and back are actually regular twists.

Side view (top right) This is my thicker, fuller side.

Yep…I like this side better than my left side.

See, my left side is just so thin and whispy looking. Apparently, when I do a full head of single twists, I get more thickness on this side, which I like much better.

Nope, definitely not crazy about this do. But you know what? That’s the fun of having nappy hair. If you’ve got the energy for it, it’s fun to see if you can come up with new styles. Sometimes your creations will  be hit or miss….like this one. Oh well. 😦 


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