Got FrizZ? Embracing Yet Another Unique Characteristic of Nappy Hair

I have to laugh. I have never been one to consider frizz or fuzz my friend. While I’ve come to love shrinkage…makes my twisted hair styles look thicker and fuller…me and frizz? Well, let’s just say that I, like a lot of nappies, are always looking for ways to keep our hairstyles looking nice and fresh.

Can you blame us though? I mean, come on now. If you spend hours doing your hair, it it unreasonable to want it to last, without frizz for more than two or three days?

Over the past 14 months, since I’ve been wearing my hair out of braids, I’ve spent my time refreshing my twists. After about two or three days, I’ll redo the top one day and then the back the next day…hoping to get another two or three days out of a particular style before I have to touch it up again.

But you see, I had to draw the line. By day three of any twist/flat twist style, my hair would look like an old shag carpet that someone had walked on forever and a day. That, I just couldn’t handle.

Honestly, I could never understand how folks could go weeks and even up to a month wearing fuzzy twists. But quite frankly, after seeing so many posts on NP, I realized that I was not alone. Lots of folks don’t like fuzz. But over the last couple of months, I have to tell ya that I’ve grown quite weary of spending so much time doing my hair. But how in the world do you learn to embrace your fuzz?

Well, this week I actually reached a milestone. Today, I’ve actually for the first time let my hair go a full five days without touching up my twists. Ok…well, I’ve redone a couple along my hairline, but that’s because I hadn’t done such a hot job on them to begin with. Now it’s day five and I’m think…hey, they really don’t look so bad. Now tomorrow is Saturday, and even if they don’t look all that great tomorrow, I really don’t care. I’ve got a couple of back up plans for this do that would at least get me through one more day.

I’m still not that crazy about his do, but jeez I don’t have the inclination to take it down and come up with something different. So, when I do a retouch on Sunday, it’s gonna get done using the existing parts and therefore, I’ll be sporting this same do for at least another week.

But tonight, I got to playin around with my hair. Trying to see if what else I could do with it. Here, I’ve put the top into a ponytail and let the last four rows of twists hang down.

I really like this, it’s all pulled into a low ponytail. I didn’t use a band to secure the hair first, I just gathered all my twists together and then secured it with one of my favorite slider barrettes. Y’all see my little bebes in the back. There was a time that I would have been tryin to brush them out because I was ashamed of them. But you know what? I actually think they’re kinda cute. Now I will go ahead a brush them out, mainly because I’ve found if I don’t, they get knotty, and I’ll end up breaking my hair trying to get the knots out. But at least I’m not ashamed of them anymore.

Last year this time, I’d have never worn my hair like this because my twisted ponytails was so short. Now that it’s considerably longer, my twisted ponytail is pretty thick and full. It’s soo cute. My hair has really made a lot of progress in only one year. This is soooooooo cute!

Teehehehe…I already said that, didn’t I?

8 Responses to “Got FrizZ? Embracing Yet Another Unique Characteristic of Nappy Hair”
  1. Ms-GG says:

    when you find out how to embrace your fuzz…please let me know lol
    After I rinse any style I can gurantee that is the end of my style….

    In these pics I actually think your fuzz isnt bad at all….but we all look at ourselves differently than how others view us….

  2. nappyme says:

    Hey girl. The day I took these pics, I was thinking ok…they don’t look so bad. But one thing I’ve noticed is that as sure as I’m sitting here thinking that, the next day my hair will have taken a 100% turn for the worse. On Saturday, my hair was like looked HORRIBLE. I think I made it through Saturday with the ponytail and then retwisted on Sunday.

    But you’ll be happy to know, that I’ve doubled my nappy fuzz tolerance. This time I went 10 days before I retwisted. Really wanted to do it at day nine but I forced myself into one more day. 🙂

  3. Tinypuff says:

    Your hair looks good. Try to wear them for two weeks straight. I have locs now and I love them I have had them for three months now. I use to wear my hair in two strand twist but I am lazy about doing my hair and I decided to loc it. If you would have asked me about locking my hair this time last year I would have said no way. But it is conveniant and I love it.

  4. Michele C. says:

    I really like your hair…I tried to successfully do two strand twists on my hair and was so surprised at the compliments I got from different races….So I have re-done the styles a couple times and yet try and get it better each time…I realized I can’t afford what shops charge to do them, so I figured “what did I have to lose” just the cost of the kenakelon hair a some of my time….I think I may stay natural for the rest of the summer!!!!

  5. nappyme says:

    Thank you Michele. Ya know, why not make being natural, just a natural part of your life! There’s nothing more beautiful than the natural you. Toss the fake stuff out the window and put your beautiful nappy hair on display for you to enjoy and for the world to see. Don’t toss your beauty out the window at the end of the summer; forever unleash the real you!

  6. Stinky says:

    okay, i will try to embrace my fuzzy-ness. and by reading your travels with twists it looks like you make a regimen of band washing once a week. so i will try this and try to take deep breaths from day 3 to day 6-1/2

  7. nappyme says:

    No hon…not once a week, about every two to three weeks. There is no way I would ever shampoo more than that. I have not the time nor the inclination to be bothered with shampooing more often than that! The only way I’ll shampoo less than two weeks of having a new do is if I use a product that makes my hair feel disgusting and then I’ll do an unscheduled cleansing. I’m just not one to be bothered with having to shampoo my hair so frequently.

    As far as dealing with frizz, I still can’t walk around with a head so frizzy that it looks like a shag carpet but I’m no longer as bothered by some measure of frizz as I used to be.

  8. Stinky says:

    I have found that my hair frizzes less when i twist it damp. when i do a wet twist my hair crawls up the back of my neck and stands attention in the front. so for one week i wear in in a dry/damp twist and then the second week i cowash and wear it in wet twist (i just deal with the shrinkage knowing im gonna do it again soon). im gald i found this thread, thanx

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