My Naps as Art III (My First BAA in 30 years!)

Ok…I gave up on the fuzz. Couldn’t eek another day out of my last do. On the plus side , I actually  made it 6 days before it started looking like a walked on shag carpet. Usually, my hair can look like that after only about 2 or three days. So being able to go that long was a definite milestone.

Anyway, I’m headed into week three before I will shampoo again. Actually, if I were so inclined I would have shampooed this weekend. But, that ain’t gonna happen so I’ll go one more week before water touches my hair again.

So I took my fuzzy wuzzy do down and started playing around with my hair. I’m dismayed by my hair line breakage. A little bit encouraged at what appears to be slow growth, but growth nonetheless. Running into pockets of breakage that I caused this summer also hurts my feelings. And the shorter hair that that is ever present because I cut out heat damage also works my last nerve as well. Nevertheless, I’m very much encouraged by the overall health and condition of my hair. I’d say I’m otherwise doing a very good job in this department. My hair is moisturized, and it has good elasticity. I’m also retaining length very well.

Lately, I’ve been taking to playing with my hair when I take it down to restyle. Today, I decided to see if I could get my hair shaped up into a BAA. At first I was a little skeptical, especially because my hair in the top has a straighter texture than the sides, crown and back. But I patted and I shaped and eventually everything came together. When my mom saw my hair today, her face lit up. She said it was really cute. I thought so too. Plus, if she didn’t like it, trust me, she’d have said so.

So tonight I combed it out carefully and put it into really big twists…seven to be exact. I’ve tied my hair up. Tomorrow is Sunday, I’ll wear it out to my niece’s basketball game. I have not seen ANY women wearing big fros where I live, so I’m sure to attract some attention. If I’m comfortable with it, and it’s not too cold or snowing, I’ll wear it my BAA to work on Monday (maybe) cause it really is cute!

But I’ll tell ya, I’ll wear my BAA no more than a couple of days cause the tangles are inevitable, and I will NOT allow a BAA to damage my hair.


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