Three-Strand Twists (I finally Did it!)

First of all, let me say that the concept of a three-strand twist has intrigued me for some time. I first learned of such a thing on in the Napptural Hair Workshop forum where lo and behold, there was a seven page thread of folks inquiring and posting pics of how to twist rope … Continue reading

My Letter to the Baltimore PD protesting their ban on ethnic hair styling methods

Name Address               City, State Zip December 21, 2006  Police Commissioner Leonard Hamm Baltimore Police Department 242 West 29th Street Baltimore, Maryland 21211-2908 Dear Commissioner Hamm, It has come to my attention that your police department has recently banned various methods that are commonly used by African Americans to style their hair. According to your policy as … Continue reading

Police Appearance Policy Raises Racial Sensitivity Issues

BALTIMORE — The WBAL TV 11 News I-Team has obtained a new professional appearance policy for the Baltimore Police Department intended to promote a professional image, but it’s also raising questions of racial insensitivity. The new policy is more specific than the old one. For example, tattoos must now be kept covered. However, the questions … Continue reading

Baltimore Police Officer Suspended for Wearing Locs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Source: ACLU web site   July 11, 2006 B ALTIMORE, MD — The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland today called on the Baltimore Police Department to reinstate a suspended Rastafarian police officer who wears his hair in locks for religious reasons. “Federal, state, and city law prohibit discrimination on the basis of … Continue reading

Growth Progress December 14, 2006; Waistlength hair a possibility?

Ok…until I can get a better pic this will have to suffice. I was dying to see how much length I’ve retained in six months. As you can see, my hair in this sample looks to be about four inches away from my bra snaps. Ok…see, I know that some people call this your bra … Continue reading

Day Seven…Can this do last another week?

Sorry I don’t have any pics to post…maybe I’ll take some and post tomorrow.  Anyway… So why am I sitting here wondering if I can get another week out of my hair style without freshening it up. I’ve absolutely NEVER done this before. Yes indeed it is fuzzy. But I don’t think it’s in my usual … Continue reading

Out of the Mouths of Nappy Babes, “There’s no such thing as good or bad hair”

My niece gets it. Thank God she gets it. I’ve been having these side conversations with her about the concept of self-acceptance and how that relates to loving our nappy hair the way it grows out of heads. So just a few minutes ago, I was playing with my moms twists. She stopped pressing her … Continue reading

I’m MotownGirl’s December Spotlight of the Month!

Spotlight of the Month – December 2006   “Once I learned about my hair, it’s characteristics, likes and dislikes, and learned how to care for and style it, my hair has never looked been healthier or even longer than it is right now.” Where are you from, and how is the natural scene there? I’m in … Continue reading