Day Seven…Can this do last another week?

Sorry I don’t have any pics to post…maybe I’ll take some and post tomorrow. 

Anyway… So why am I sitting here wondering if I can get another week out of my hair style without freshening it up. I’ve absolutely NEVER done this before. Yes indeed it is fuzzy. But I don’t think it’s in my usual fuzzy-shag-rug-it-looks-like-someone’s-been-walking-on-it-for-a-year fuzzy. Is this my imagination or is it REALLY holding up much better than it has in the past? If it is holding up longer, then my question is why? It is my product change? I’ve been adding jojoba oil to my Proline Moisturizer. It is the cooler weather, less humidity creating less fuzz?

Just don’t know. My hair doesn’t feel overly dry nor does it look overly dry so I’m going to tie my head up and hope it looks good enough to wear to work tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I won’t wake up Monday, see my hair and wonder “What the hell was I thinking?”

 So here goes…


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