Growth Progress December 14, 2006; Waistlength hair a possibility?

Ok…until I can get a better pic this will have to suffice. I was dying to see how much length I’ve retained in six months. As you can see, my hair in this sample looks to be about four inches away from my bra snaps. Ok…see, I know that some people call this your bra strap, but honestly, aren’t the straps the things that hold your bra up?

Now I tried to do a comparison shot to the one I took back in June. I put them side by side, and since the perspectives are a little different, I couldn’t really SEE the progress. I’m apparently not really good at this bench marking/comparison picture taking thing. 

Anyway, as I look at this, I have to tell ya, my hair has never been this long before. And as I gain more and more length, I start seeing possibilities. In this instance, I’m seeing the possibility of having waist length hair.

But first things first. My goals over the next six months are simply to keep my hair healthy and retain length. And hopefully by June 15th or so, I’ll have added another 2.5-3 inches.

2 Responses to “Growth Progress December 14, 2006; Waistlength hair a possibility?”
  1. Ms-GG says:

    Good Job NMHM!
    I would love to have waist length hair also, but Im a puff addict and I dont know if it is my genes to have it….but it has always been a dream of mine too! Good luck 🙂

  2. nappyme says:

    Hey Ms-GG,
    I don’t know if it’s in the genes either to have waist-length hair. No one in my immediate family (i.e, mom or sis) has ever had hair that long. But on the other hand, no one has ever taken care of their hair the way I’m taking care of mine.

    Now my mom may well be on her way to waist length hair as well. She’s been natural all her life but pressed her hair. After she retired, developed lung disease and had to wear oxygen, she could no longer tolerate being around smoke from the pressing comb.

    So mom has been totally nappy for close to five years. I’ve taught her to style with twists and her hair is growing like you wouldn’t believe. She’s always had fairly long hair but even she admits she’s never seen her hair this long before. Her hair is already bra snap length.

    Also, my niece…before my sis relaxed her hair at age 6 could almost sit on her nappy hair when it was stretched. No one in our family up to that point had ever had hair that long. We don’t know WHERE that length came from. But honestly, my sis was taking care of her hair the way I take care of mine now. So I’ma thinkin’ now that maybe waist-length genes may be there after all.

    Fingers are crossed!

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