Interesting experience at the Salon Today…I made the stylist do everything MY way!

I only wanted my hair shampooed and conditioned nothing more. So I called around. Places like Cuts ‘n Curls, you know the walkin-don’t-need-an-appointment salons who cater mainly to white folks but will employ a few black stylists, wanted at least $45 dollars for just a shampoo and conditioner. Actually, I only called there and checked it … Continue reading

It’s a Nappy Celebration Everybody and You’re Invited!

You can’t help but smile when you watch this video. It’s celebration of nappy hair. When you watch this video you see why we say nappy hair is the most, beautiful and versatile hair on the face of this earth. Nobody else has hair like we do, and that by itself makes black folks ooooohhhh … Continue reading

Nappy Hair Ruined my Social Life

At least that’s what the model claims in this YouTube video. It’s an Internet advertisement a new organic hair care system for some supposedly aunaturale, chemical-free temporary straightner that miraculously turns kinky hair into bouncing and behavin’ straight hair. Can you say RIO? Remember that fiasco. Women flocked by the thousands to buy that product … Continue reading

Tempest Bledsoe…Could somebody tell me why her post is so popular?

My hit stats tell the story. As of today, her Notable Nappies entry has received 1,035 hits…more than an other single post on Nappturology 101. Every single day Tempest’s post is almost always #1 only occasionally slipping to the second or third most popular post of the day. Aside from the fact that she’s a stunning … Continue reading

Black Women’s Hair, Beauty, and Intra-Race Racism

From time to time, I’ve run across this poll on the Internet, and once again today.  The author is Shantygirl, who wrote the poll in 2003 and was (or still is) a member of Although it’s old as dirt, it asks some interesting questions that might get you to thinking more indepth about the sociology … Continue reading

When Nappy Hair Doesn’t Grow Long…What’s the Deal?

Understanding hair growth and coming to terms with having short nappy hair When we finally get rid of that relaxer, the early days, weeks, months and indeed the first year or two turns into a time of almost complete discovery. Some of us have had relaxers since early childhood and may recall no memories, other than pictures, of having … Continue reading

Reverse Discrimination: White kids told they’re the wrong race for wearing cornrows to school

Related Story: School Bans Wrong Race Hair Style Thursday, 18th January 2007   Teen Segregated because of hair braids A TEENAGE girl was segregated from other pupils after school bosses ruled she was the wrong race to have braided hair.Stephanie Tudor, 13, was told to spend lunch-time indoors at St Edmund Arrowsmith RC High in Ashton-in-Makerfield, … Continue reading

How to Detangle Those Pesky Multiple-strand Knots

As a nappy, no matter how you wear your hair, tangles and knots are simply inevitably. And as you know, the detangling process itself can create knots that weren’t even there to begin with — so what’s a nappy to do? Well personally, I’ve tried pulling individual strands out of the fuzz balls I get at the ends … Continue reading

Who Says Nappy Hair Can’t Grow Long?

If you’ve ever had any doubts, there is proof in the pudding. This Hair Growth Comparison thread on is full of women who have chopped their hair down to practically nothing in some instances and now have hair down their backs. Since I didn’t start tracking my growth until last April, I don’t have … Continue reading

New Growth Comparison Pics

It’s really too soon to do these but someone on NP posted a hair growth comparison thread, and I decided to participate. My goal is really to do these every six months. The longer my hair gets, the harder it is to see the growth. When I take my hair down to style it or … Continue reading

Breaking Hair News: Condi’s Gigantic Square Afro

Source: Wonkette D.C. Gossip (February 14, 2006) Ok…ok…so this isn’t exactly breaking news. I stumbled upon this gem while on the Internet today and thought it was interesting enough to share. Because Condoleezza Rice is not based on Capitol Hill, she is ineligible for consideration as part of Hill Hair Watch. But given our obsession with hair … Continue reading

I Freed Myself When I Embraced My Locks

By Evette Collins Newsweek Jan. 15, 2007 issue – When I was a little girl, every day was a bad hair day. In the morning, my grandmother would wash my hair, then straighten it with a hot pressing comb, yanking my naturally thick, kinky hair, and jerking my head in every direction. The heat from … Continue reading

Three-Strand Twistout (Best one I’ve ever had)

If you’ve been following my three-strand twist experiement, you’ll know that I found them cute but extremely difficult to do. My hands hurt for days. Plus they don’t look all that different from two strand twists…but you can tell the difference. Well anyway, I experienced the same amount of shrinkage even though they originally elongate … Continue reading

Three Strand Twists Update: One Week Later

Alrighty then. Here’s an update on these three-strand twists. I took a comparison shot and here are my observations: Shrinkage looks to be about the same as with two strand twists. In fact, my right side actually looks like they shrunk up more than the left side. They’re just as frizzy if not more so … Continue reading

Nappy Niece Updates

For sure my niece has no hangups about nappy hair. None. She has her moments when she wants to see it straight. And honestly, I think her other auntie who braids her hair on a regular basis presses her hair out before she braids it so I think she’s getting her straight fix that way. … Continue reading