When Daddy Does Braids

Today, I found myself doing research to pull together sources that would help people transition from their processed hair to natural hair. It’s a topic that I’ve been procrastinating on because, quite frankly, there’s already sooooo many good resources out there that I don’t necessarily feel compelled to reinvent the wheel by writing an article from scratch.  

Anyway, while I was doing my research, I ran across this site called It’s All Good Hair, which promotes a book by the same name, written by journalist Michele Collison and talks about being style challenged and having to learn how to do her daughter’s hair. Also on the site, I ran across this cute short hair story entitled “When Daddy Does Hair.”

Here’s an excerpt:

But when I tried, the girls’ hair would never stay straight. It never looked neat and it was frizzy around the edges. All I had to do is show Kamaria a brush and she would start crying. One day I read an article about a braiding class at Prince Georges’ Community College and I signed up for the class. The class was full of beauticians who were trying to learn how to braid. So I was one of the slowest people in the class. But I don’t regret it all. I can’t do a lot of fancy styles, but I can do some simple plaits and some braids. Click here to read more…

Although some of the information on the site is out of date, it does list some additional print resources about nappy hair and also has a link to a photo gallery that sports some nappy hairstyles for kids. There is also a link that takes you to a list of retailers that where you can purchase the book It’s all Good Hair.


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