Heat is the Debil…I Cannot Lye
Bingo…it’s about the moisture again. Are you starting to get the picture here? Moisture, moisture, moisture. Heat in every shape and form saps your hair of precious moisture, drying it out, making it brittle and destroying your hair’s elasticity…that’s your naps ability to stretch without breaking. Try it. Pull out a hair and see how far it will stretch before it snaps in two. Wet, healthy hair has the ability to stretch up to 30 percent and still return to it’s original shape when it’s dry. If your hair snaps like a piece of dried out kindling you know it’s totally devoid of any moisture.

Anyway, getting back to the evils of heat, as little or as often as you apply it, especially direct heat, it damages your hair. It’s cumulative and doesn’t always have to be immediate or obviously visible like scorched hair or burned straight naps. Heat will, over time break down the chemical bonds in your hair just like a texturizer or a relaxer. And the little bit of moisture hair that nappy hair holds can even boil and explode the hair shaft if the conditions are right. So if you want to save yourself some grief, simply stay away from flat irons, pressing combs, blow driers and yes, even hooded driers can get soooo hot that they deplete your hair of its moisture. If you want to continue having a head full of luscious naps ya simply gotta let go of the heat. 

8 Responses to “NO HEAT!”
  1. whetne says:

    i agree i use to use a flat iron every weekend and slowly it almost damaged all of my hair.

  2. JL says:

    Did no one tell you that you do NOT use a flat iron on natural hair?

  3. Nicole says:

    I was trying to see how long my hair was an like a DUMMY I straightend a section of my hair. How can I get my napps back

  4. nappyme says:

    Nicole if after you wet your hair and it doesn’t revert, you’ve permanently broken the chemical bonds that make your hair nappy…just as if you’d put chemicals in your hair.

    As I’ve told folks repeatedly, been there done that. You have a couple of choices. Cut the damage out all at once or gradually. Whatever you decide, please know that heat damaged hair will eventually break off— perhaps not immediately or not all at once but sooner or later it will not be able to hang on. So, you’re most likely going to loose that hair one way or the other.

    Sorry you had to experience this, but as I said in my article, if you’re going to wear your hair natural, many folks find out the hard way that heat is just not good for natural hair.

  5. Nappturall says:

    Deep Conditoning doesn’t count right? or Steam treatments. With the hooded dryer I use a plastic cap to dc..but I do not use direct heat. and with the hair steamer I do not use a plastic cap….I do protein deep conditioning every 3 days and mositure deep treatments almost nightly.

  6. naturalsystah says:

    Heat is my hair’s foe! For the first 5 years that I was natural, I blow dried my hair after EVERY shampoo and didn’t understand why my hair stayed the same length and my ends were so crunchy *smh*

    Gradually I’ve used heat less and less and now it’s been about a year since I last blow dried my hair – my hair thanks me for it!

  7. Goldenhoney64 says:

    I usually wash my hair….or atleast wet it daily so my curls don’t look so dry. Last thanksgiving i went to get my hair blown out at the dominican hair salon, it stayed straight for about 2 months. I’m pretty sure all that heat in my head was bad, but i went natural to have the diversity in my hair. I love my afro puff but some days i miss my straight hair, and im not a fan of weave or else i would just get a full weave instead.

    • nappyme says:

      I’m a big believer of people wearing their hair however they want. But I also think it’s good to know all your options and the potential consequences resulting from certain hair care practices such as the use of excessive heat. Since you read the article, you know that direct head can be very bad for your hair. And just because you didn’t see any damage from your last dominican blow out, doesn’t mean that the next time you have it done you’ll be as lucky.

      All I can say is that you are definitely not oblivious to the potential damaging effects of heat and therefore, you’re making an informed decision. So if you ever do suffer heat damage, you can’t say “I didn’t know.” So if you’re willing to take the risk, knowing what you know, then that’s your perogative. It’s your hair.

      So good luck with that and take care,

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