The Liquid Relaxer from Hell

I often monitor my hit stats to see how many people visit Nappturology 101 on a regular basis. Those stats also tell me the search terms used to find my site, and it also gives me a link back to the site my visitors came from. 

Well, I actually find all of this fascinating, particularly since those search terms can give me ideas about the type of information that people are looking for when it comes to nappy hair and otherwise. When I see that a particular word, term or phrase is used to find Nappturology 101 often enough, if it’s not there, and if it makes sense to, I’ll make plans to add that info to the site, Like Vigorol for instance. In fact, this search term turns up so much in my stats, it has prompted me to share my brief experience with this dreadful product.

It’s a relaxer pure and simple. Says so on the box. The only difference is you’re supposed to be able to press your hair. Sounded good to me. So I purchased it; I read the sparse instructions over and over again before I finally decided to try it. And you know what? Even after following the instructions to the letter, I ruined seven inches of nappy. First of all, it’s liquid. So after the first application, you’re only supposed to reapply to the new growth. But that’s impossible because it’s…well liquid…and it’s not like you can control the reapplication as well as you can with a crème relaxer.

Ok…now of course I end up double processing a whole bunch of hair, which when wet, turned into a limp, spongy mess with absolutely no texture. Dry, it was as brittle as straw, and I still had the nerve to press it…and yes hot curl it every day too. Strange how this hair never did break off…guess it just wanted to sit on my head remind me of how stupid I was for trying a liquid relaxer. Suffice it to say, I did not have a good experience with this product and ended up going back to a regular crème-based relaxer and gradually cutting the Vigorol hair off. I have absolutely nothing good to say about this product, and even if I weren’t anti-relaxer and pro nappy, I wouldn’t recommend this crap to my worse enemy.

17 Responses to “Vigorol”
  1. rieka says:


    My six year old daughter has thick curly hair. I have curly hair as well, but it is thin. My girlfrend convinced me to put a vigorol inmy child’s hair. I let her put the application in, because I was not familar with it. It looked fine for the first couple of months, but her edges are very thin, due to her hair breaking off. Not to mention that her hair is very dry. I have purchased so many hair products, waiting for a miracle to happen (aphogee, olive oil and products…) I don’t want to use any more chemicals in hair because I am so scared she will loose all her hair. I assume she has new growth and I know relaxers must touch up new growth. She now has extenions in her hair. Wha t can I do to make my baby’s hair grow!!!’

    desperate mom, Rieka.
    can you also email me a response to:

  2. foleydog says:

    You too? This is the second most visited post on my site. I’m trying to forget this experience.

  3. SC says:

    In my quest to tame this hair of mind and a last effort before I cut it all off my girlfriend recommended this product. We use it over 3 weeks ago. My once curly, shoulder length hair is no longer wild(hard to manage but stylish) with individual curly locks; it’s now a dry, frizzy mess. What worse than the look is the smell, weeks later it still smells especially if it’s wet or if I sweat. Almost every night I wake up due to smell. I have shampooed three times since and it seems to diminish but still it’s there. Has anyone have that experience? Any suggestions?

  4. All Ivy says:

    To those who have the dreaded Vigorol scent try the deodorizer. I used Vigorol as a child and I loved it except for the smell. It didn’t burn and was easy to apply. Does anyone have anything good to say about Vigorol except me?

  5. IADD32 says:

    Well, just about everything u said in your blog about this product happend to my daughter. I was wondering y the child no longer has any texture to her hair, y it is so rough and dry. big mistake. until I read ur comments i just thought she had so called bad hair. I did it cause I thought it was hard to manage little did I know it would have been better off. so now I dont know what to do I dont want to cut her hair cause it has a great length and took a while to get there, so I guess I just have to deal. for me Vigorol was at first I thought the bomb, howver it ended up bombing my childs texture. im sure it works for some, but my kid just wasnt one of them.

  6. Mikkimuse says:

    Mikkimuse Nappturology 101 is not about how to take care of relaxed hair so your response will not be posted. If you have advice on how to take care of natural hair, please feel free to respond to a topic on my blog where my readers will find it helpful.

    Thank you.


  7. CJ says:

    Wow! I’m shocked by all the bad news on Vigorol. The fact is that my daughters used Vigorol for years, and their hair was silky and smooth, as well as, long. My mother is a hair dressor and used the product for many years on little girls. I’m unsure why this product didn’t work for the many people on this site (maybe these are “unreal”people trying to diss this product to sell other products). How be ever, I swear by this product that it’s done wonders for black hair..

    • nappyme says:

      All what people? There are only six responses to this post, and two of them have had positive experiences with the product.

      But let’s try the reverse, maybe you’re just trying to sell Vigorol. Are you a distributor or do you sell it in your shop or something?

      Not one person, including myself has offered another product as an alternative, so I’m not at all sure where you’re coming from with regard to these “unreal” people trying to diss this product to sell another product.

      If you’ve had a positive experience with it then fine, but why question the motives of those who didn’t.

      Not cool.

      And anyway, my blog is to promote natural hair…not relaxed hair and so I don’t really have anything good to say about ANY chemical that ANYONE would put on their hair…and that include VIGOROL. There’s always a potential for disaster, no matter how well it came out the last time you used it — just like when you use any run of the mill, creamy crack relaxer product.

  8. CJ says:

    And, ummm….yes this is my hair!!

  9. Z says:

    HELP!! I have natural hair, sooo glad i stumbled on this site, it seems as if the process has come to a complete halt (growth and strength wise) my family insist that i put in this Vigoral to “tame” it. I dont want to do it but i do need an alternative as the weather is heating up i dont want to braid it due to my edges not handling the pull well in the past. However, I am active duty and love my natural hair but your girl has to look sharp at all times and im running out of options!!!! After the horror stories here i cant bring myself to do it.

  10. nappyme says:

    Z RUN FROM VIGOROL! It’s definitely not the solution you’re looking for.

    I’m not sure what to tell you though because you’re saying you you don’t want to braid your hair because you have fragile edges. Being that you’re in the military, what other options do you have left? You tell me.

    You can’t do twists, you can’t do locs…you options seem pretty limited.

    Have you thought about keeping it in a highly tapered tweeny, weeny afro (twa)?

  11. elton says:

    what about for men? i would like to use this product not necessarily to straightening my hair, but to just cause a blow out. Is this a good idea or bad idea in reference to using Virgorol?

  12. lakisha says:

    I have been natural for 7 years and its wonderful. when i was a kid my mom took me to the hair salon to get a jerri curl i hated it then when i got a little older she relaxed my hair and it was dry fragile just not good. it wasnt until i got older and realized hey natural hair is beautiful and if you take care of it properly is soft. most of our people dont know that our hair is sensitive and we got to keep it moisturized. i am happy to say i have “dread” locks down the middle of my back healthy thick beautiful natural hair 🙂

  13. Uche' says:

    I am having problems with my hair. I have been natural for at least 5 years but have been covering it up with weave or wigs. Why you ask? Well, my edges are not very thick so I’m self conscious and it’s brittle. I try many products but none seem to work. I have stop doing the weave as I felt it wasn’t giving my hair time to breath but I’m at a lost. There are so many products out there and I can’t tell you how many products I have under my sink. I need a moisterizer that will lock in my tight curls so I can wear it out and it looks good. I hate relaxers and had that epiphany while begining a home perm and haven’t look back since. However, I’ve been toying with it because of this dilema. Can someone recommend something please? My hair is to my collar bone natural but my edges although not bald are not full. Any recommendations? I use Protene product for both shampoo and conditioner. If you have other suggestions I’ll take those too. Anxiously awaiting responses…

  14. denise says:

    you are right on with the search term info you have i’ve been natural for 2 years and looking for something to make my fro not go from full in the morning to a shrink fro by the end of the day and vigorol came up in conversation this week i priced it in the store today and decided to research before purchasing it and when i did a search it brought me to this site thanks for the insight i’ll try scurl instead

    • nappyme says:

      See, why should anyone in my family question my hair if I just outside working in the yard? Who the heck would care what ANYONE’S hair would look like under these circumstances? And also, like I said, if I just wanted to run a quickie errand, ’round the corner to the store or something, I’d have worn those braids out in a heart beat. Maybe and I said MAYBE i might pull my braids back into a ponytail but then again maybe not.

      I’m just so beyond what other people might think of my hair it ain’t even funny. Shoot and I would double dare you to say sumptin to my face. I’d tell them smilie LOL!

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