Three Strand Twists Update: One Week Later

Alrighty then. Here’s an update on these three-strand twists. I took a comparison shot and here are my observations:

  • Shrinkage looks to be about the same as with two strand twists. In fact, my right side actually looks like they shrunk up more than the left side.
  • They’re just as frizzy if not more so than my regular two strand twists; therefore they held up no better or worse than them
  • They are still presentable. According to my mom they look just fine. Well by now y’all know I’ve got a thing about frizz, but in this instance I think I’d redo the top and worry about the back later.



So here’s my verdict: Two thumbs down. Sorry y’all. If anybody was rootin’ for these things here are my reasons for kickin’ ’em to the curb:

  • Too time consuming
  • They hurt my hands to do. Really, I’m not kidding. Days later my hands hurt and felt swolen.
  • I actually think they’re frizzier than my two-strand twists…even to start out with. Trying to work with three strand didn’t allow me to be able to smoothe out the hair as I twisted it like I normally can with just two strands.
  • The finished product only looked slightly different from two-strand twists. They have a tight weave but no really visual difference really
  • No real incentive to ever do them again.

Since I haven’t taken them down yet, I’m not sure if they’ll be harder, easier or the same to unravel. Oh well. I’m glad I tried them though but never again.

Wanna learn how to do a three-strand twist? Click here to watch my tutorial. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Three Strand Twists Update: One Week Later”
  1. Deidri says:

    Ever since I’ve viewed your “Three Strand Twists” site on line, I have been looking for a salon in Brooklyn that can perform this style. To date, I have not found a salon nor have to salons I’ve spoken to about this style have no knowledge of the “Three Strand Twists”. All seem to know about the “Two Strand” which is common but you would think that stylist would be more involved with the latest styles. Any who, Nappyme, is there a salon in New York City or Brooklyn, New York where I can have this style done to my hair? Thank you for creating this style; and once I get this look, I will never ever forget you.

    Thank You for being this creative,
    Seeking your look!

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Deidri,
      I’m glad you like the three strand twist. Actually though, I think the three-strand twist is well known online and ONLY within the last couple of years. I remember when I first ran into a thread on in the Natural Styles Workshop forum, that thread talking about three-strand twists was old as dirt and about 7 or 8 pages long and NO ONE had a good picture, let along good instructions posted about how to do it. I bumped the thread several times in an attempt to get someone to produce some good instructions. Finally someone did and then someone else did a YouTube video. Between the instructions and the vid, I finally got it figured out. Since then, I’ve made my own video and others have two, so online, there is plenty of information and pictures on three-strand twists. Off the internet, however, it doesn’t surprise me that that isn’t.

      As far as the salon scene in NY, I couldn’t tell ya. I’m in the midwest and that just isn’t on my radar. You might post on some of the hair forums to see if anyone in NY might have some information though.

      Good luck!

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