Tempest Bledsoe…Could somebody tell me why her post is so popular?

My hit stats tell the story. As of today, her Notable Nappies entry has received 1,035 hits…more than an other single post on Nappturology 101. Every single day Tempest’s post is almost always #1 only occasionally slipping to the second or third most popular post of the day. Aside from the fact that she’s a stunning … Continue reading

Black Women’s Hair, Beauty, and Intra-Race Racism

From time to time, I’ve run across this poll on the Internet, and once again today.  The author is Shantygirl, who wrote the poll in 2003 and was (or still is) a member of Nappturality.com. Although it’s old as dirt, it asks some interesting questions that might get you to thinking more indepth about the sociology … Continue reading

When Nappy Hair Doesn’t Grow Long…What’s the Deal?

Understanding hair growth and coming to terms with having short nappy hair When we finally get rid of that relaxer, the early days, weeks, months and indeed the first year or two turns into a time of almost complete discovery. Some of us have had relaxers since early childhood and may recall no memories, other than pictures, of having … Continue reading