Black Women’s Hair, Beauty, and Intra-Race Racism

From time to time, I’ve run across this poll on the Internet, and once again today.  The author is Shantygirl, who wrote the poll in 2003 and was (or still is) a member of Although it’s old as dirt, it asks some interesting questions that might get you to thinking more indepth about the sociology and politics surrounding nappy hair. I’ve always thought it was interesting. If you’re so inclined, click on Black Hair Survey to take the actual poll. Afterwards, you can view the results and see the few comments that were posted. 

BLACK WOMEN: If you currently wear your hair permed or straightened, why?
Because it’s prettier that way.
It’s easier to style.
I want versatility.
My man likes it.
My mom makes me!
Everyone else does it…
I want to look White.
One Response to “Black Women’s Hair, Beauty, and Intra-Race Racism”
  1. aulelia says:

    the last one really struck a chord with me. it is a scary option but one that is true for many black girls who may not want to admit but they feel prettier when they have straight hair. i think black girls should wear their hair how they want but it shouldn’t be to live up to Caucasian standards. but that doesn’t help any young girl in a magazine shop bombarded by Vogue magazine’s blonde haired beanstalks.

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