Tempest Bledsoe…Could somebody tell me why her post is so popular?

My hit stats tell the story. As of today, her Notable Nappies entry has received 1,035 hits…more than an other single post on Nappturology 101. Every single day Tempest’s post is almost always #1 only occasionally slipping to the second or third most popular post of the day. Aside from the fact that she’s a stunning napptural, what in the heck makes her post so popular?

If you came here looking for info on Tempest (yeah you did, I saw her name as a search term on my stats page) or eventually found yourself clicking on her entry in the Notable Nappies section, all I’d like to know is why?

Post and tell me. Thanks! 

Tempest you apparently got it goin’ on…you go girl!

Ok…now the funny part about this is that this post is going to drive the hit count on her Notable Nappies post up even more. lol!

3 Responses to “Tempest Bledsoe…Could somebody tell me why her post is so popular?”
  1. caligurl says:

    I love this picture. A few years ago, I discovered it on Nappturality [I think]. It was part of an interview with Ms. Bledsoe. The first or second I’d read where someone provided information that truly allowed me to know the crinkly afro was obtainable. That was before I knew it was called a twist out. I think it’s perfectly shaped and makes her look beautiful. Funny, though I’ve never seen her with this style on television.

    Hava a great evening!

  2. TR says:

    It’s been a while but I was looking for pictures of her because she was really the first actress I remember seeing with natural hair. Not the stereotypical “good hair” but the really nappy hair we all feared at the time. So she was inspiring to me and I wanted new ideas for my own hair. So that’s a project for someone. Images from the show when she rocked a new do every episode it seems.

  3. tr says:

    Okay, umm, I may have been remembering Vanessa’s hair as better than I though. I went to You Tube and found videos of her hair in the natural stage. I found one that looked like a Hiroshima Mushroom cloud. Did that have black people doing that hair then? Where are the cornrows for god’s sake!

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