Interesting experience at the Salon Today…I made the stylist do everything MY way!

I only wanted my hair shampooed and conditioned nothing more. So I called around. Places like Cuts ‘n Curls, you know the walkin-don’t-need-an-appointment salons who cater mainly to white folks but will employ a few black stylists, wanted at least $45 dollars for just a shampoo and conditioner. Actually, I only called there and checked it out because one of my friends, just started doing hair there.

Ok…in my book that’s just waaaay too much for a shampoo and condition and then all I would want would be some big ‘ole dookie twists and I’d be on my way. (Gosh Dee honey…if you see this post , but I couldn’t afford you  So anyway, I decided to call a few black salons to see how they might charge. One said $15 and the other said $10.

Ok…I’ma take my but to the $10 salon and see how this works out.

So I took all my stuff with me. My own combs, brushes and ponytail bands with me. I sat at an empty station, took my hair down, detangled it, and banded it up. Yes, I’m sure I looked as geeky in the salon sitting there with my hair banded as I did when I took this pick in the comfort of my own…oh that’s right, I shampooed at my friends Kim’s house when I took this pic. Nevermind…tehehehehe…. So anyway, When she was ready for me I sat down at the shampoo bowl.

Stylist: “Oh…you want me to shampoo your hair with the bands in…”

Me: “Yes, my hair gets too tangled when you shampoo it loose.”

Stylist: “So do you mean matted or tangled.”

Me: “Tangled.”

Stylist: “Oh…ok. Have you thought about something to soften it up?”

A little confused, I ask her what she means.

Stylist: “I’m thinking your hair would be really soft if you had a curl. You know the activator would really keep it soft.”

Now inside I’m like: “Who the heck wears jheri curls these days?”

Me: “I have absolutely no desire to ever have chemicals in my hair again. Nor do I want to see it straight.”

Stylist: “Oh….ok…that’s good…that’s really good.”

After she shampoos and conditions it and she says: “I’ma sit you under this dryer.”

Me: “Nope…I don’t use heat on my hair…at all…not even dryers or blow dryers.”

Again…another surprised look. She smiles again and offers to comb it out and braid it up. I tell her there’s no need to comb it, cause I’ve already detangled it and the bands kept it from retangling while she shampooed it.

Now honestly, I wouldn’t trust anyone other than myself and Dee near my hair with a ten foot comb, so I was really glad I didn’t have to let her detangle my hair. Been there, done that and these stylist who don’t specialize in nappy hair have no idea how to handle it.

She was really surprised that all she had to do was take the bands off and commence to twisting. It took about 10 minutes to do my twists. No second round of detangling necessary. Afterwards she said she’d have to use the banding technique on her daughter’s hair. I told her thanks, paid her a tip and the $10 and told her I like her service and I’d be back.

Oh…by the way…when you stop being around hair that’s getting pressed or flat ironed, and you smell it again after a really long time, it really does stink to high heaven. Since I had stopped going to salons, I had forgotten how that smelled. If I’ma keep letting this stylist do my hair, I’ma have to get used to it all over again.

2 Responses to “Interesting experience at the Salon Today…I made the stylist do everything MY way!”
  1. floeva says:

    I really enjoyed reading this…believe it or not there are some salons that would do exactly what you want without paying out the nose.
    I could just imagine her face, LOL

  2. Ms-gg says:

    That’s wonderful! Ill have to remember this if I ever decide to go to a shop. And I feel you on that hair stankin thing….I think I was putting a semi in my head or using some chemical that smelled just like a perm! I almost died because I could not stomach the smell at all…..since Ive bc I have not been around my mother who still perms her hair under her wig AND color it???? (Why oh why I will never ever know….) so I have for the most part forgot what a perm smells like and I am in no hurry to remember either….

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