An exciting new hair forum devoted to the care, maintenance and embrace of undefined, highly textured, cottony, nappy hair… Hey you. Yeah you. The one with the “bad” nappy hair. You know. The one with the nappy hair that no one would ever want. It’s not wavy nappy, or curly nappy and it doesn’t clump … Continue reading

It’s Ok to Have Fake Nappy Hair,

But who in their right mind would want the real deal?  Today, I took my hair down and decided to try something different. The top was styled as usual in about 18 flat twists, which I pull back and tuck under like a bun. Then the back is in regular two strand twists. Well it … Continue reading

I’m Getting My Hair Pressed for Prom

Ok…so once again, my length obsession has prompted me to do some comparison pics. Actually, more out of boredom with myself this evening than anything. Plus, me and my niece were playing around, comparing our growth to one another’s when I discovered that if I tried hard enough (ok strained) I could actually put my … Continue reading

Ahhhh! My Stylist Relaxed My Hair!

Well, I decided to go to the salon. I sat down in the chair, and my stylist started putting this white stuff on my hair that I thought was conditioner. But I thought something was odd, cause she was parting my hair, and smoothing it out. Next thing you know, it starts burning and she … Continue reading

Black Men Revealed…

…their ignorance when it comes to nappy hair.  Barb, from Cleveland left this comment a few minutes ago. I thought I’d post it cause it really cuts to the quick about how deep this nappy hair thing is with not just sistahs but our brothas as well. She writes:  I love your website. I just wanted you … Continue reading

Why do all the nappies where I live work at Walgreens?

I swear, everytime I go to Walgreens, I spot a new nappy sales associate. Where I live, there’s a Walgreens on every corner. Well anyway, there are three locations on my side of town that I frequent and over the past year, I’ve run into various women who work there sporting natural hair. Ok so … Continue reading