Why do all the nappies where I live work at Walgreens?

I swear, everytime I go to Walgreens, I spot a new nappy sales associate. Where I live, there’s a Walgreens on every corner. Well anyway, there are three locations on my side of town that I frequent and over the past year, I’ve run into various women who work there sporting natural hair.

Ok so today, I walk in and I see this lady standing behind the cosmetics counter, and I spot her nappy head immediately. Her do was sooooo cute. I was trying not to get caught staring at her, but our eyes met so I smiled and said, “I really like your hair.” She looked at me and returned the compliment.

Uh…oh. As I walked past her, I detected a weave or a wig or something. Then when I got what I was looking for, I took it to her counter (so I could be nosey of course) and sure enough it was a nappy wig. Not bad… Actually I was dang impressed. At least it was a nappy wig and not a straight one. And, I’m pretty good at telling someone’s natural texture from a wig. She had combed her own hair back, and the wig, afro-puff thing was secured in the back. She had a scarf tied around her head and I could see the bump where her hair stopped and the wig began. Although not horribly obvious, my keen eye spotted the texture difference.

So I struck up a conversation with her, and then I could no longer resist so I asked, “Is that your hair?” Now I know some of y’all might find that taboo. I’ve gotton that on occasion, and I’m always tickled, to say the least, because I can say yeah, it is. But ok…maybe I shouldn’t have asked, especially since I knew it was a wig…oh well, maybe I’ll try to have better manners the next time. However, like me, she really didn’t have a problem with the question.

“No girl…it ain’t my hair. I’m tryin’ to go natural that’s why I’m wearing this so that I can get used to seeing how I look with natural hair.”

Now one thing I notice off of the Internet, especially outside of Nappturality.com most black women have hang ups about using the word nappy to discribe nappy hair. It’s always “natural” hair. Personally, I’m like, my hair is nappy dang it and that’s a good thing. But I digress. 

So I asked her how long her own hair was and she said six inches. I’m like, “What the heck are you covering six inches of hair up for. Don’t you know you can make your own hair look just like that wig.” A look of skeptiscism crossed her face.

Now of course, she’s looking at my hair and declaring that I have the kind of hair that allows me to go natural. Damn, damn, damn. It’s amazing what ditching hair grease and swapping it out for moisturizer has done for my regular ‘ole nappy Four B hair. You know the kind. It doesn’t shine. It has no waves. It has no natural curl pattern. It’s the kind of hair that before you knew better, you’d have traded in for the proverbial good nappy hair any day of the week.

Anyway, I ended up talking to this young lady for an hour. (Ha! Fortunately it was a rather slow night at the store.) I tried to explain to her what a twistout was. I took her back to the product section and told her how to moisturize her hair, and what products to avoid. Referred her to Nappturology 101 and Napptuality.com for some additional resource. I sure hope she used them.  I’m like daaannnnggg. This lady has a head full of hair glorious nappy hair, and she’s still tryin’ to go natural. 

God help me. I’m really feeling so frustrated about this whole nappy business. I’m really tired of how damn brain washed we all are or were about the ugliness of nappy hair. 

I really hope she finds the courage to come out of that wig soon so we can add one more nappy woman to the world. Especially here where I live…it would be great to see more nappies represent the beauty of nappturality.

5 Responses to “Why do all the nappies where I live work at Walgreens?”
  1. floeva says:

    Girl, I live here in Fort Worth TX and though there are a few nappys here, the slave mentallity still exists. Women tell me all the time that I can wear my hair like that but they can’t….I usually respond with I know God did not make no mistakes and my hair is the way it’s suppose to be and I LOVE IT. I also tell them to read Daniel 7:9, this describes the hair of God in brief but you’ll understand.
    The stigma that was placed on our hair is the hardest chain to break. (chains of slavery) And once we learn the true meaing of love for ourselves we will longer look at anyone like their crazy because they decided to wear own natural hair. If other races can wear their own natural hair the way it grows out of their hair, without chemically altering it, why can’t we?

  2. floeva says:

    Oh did I mention, I love your website……:)

  3. Sharon says:

    Got to say Flava, totally agree with you. There are very few ‘Nappys’ here in the UK! When I decided to begin my transition in August 06, I had quite a lot of regrowth and the remainder of the perm I’ve been wet setting untill it is long enough for the big chop (can’t wait!!!) Anyway, when I first emerged with my ‘afro puff’ I had so much negativity and it was coming mostly from the black women, who act like there is something terribly wrong with natural hair it just made me more determined to continue! My husband and daughter are so supportive and because my attitude changed my daughter now loves her curly hair! God in His creativity and wisdom decided to give us ‘nappy’ hair – it is like an insult to Him to change it – it’s comparible to a black person trying to bleach their skin to become lighter!!

  4. aulelia says:

    sharon, where do you live in the UK because I split my time now between UK and France and there aren’t that many napps outside London I found although in Paris, there are hardly ANY!

    is the general consensus in the natural world against women wearing natural pieces?

  5. Ms-gg says:

    you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on point! Two Walgreens in my area have nappy headed sales associates! Get out of here!

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