I’m Getting My Hair Pressed for Prom

Ok…so once again, my length obsession has prompted me to do some comparison pics. Actually, more out of boredom with myself this evening than anything. Plus, me and my niece were playing around, comparing our growth to one another’s when I discovered that if I tried hard enough (ok strained) I could actually put my arm around my back and hold one of my twists.

Ha! Another hair goal met. Do y’all know how long I’ve wanted to be able to do that? Ever since I started frequenting hair albums and such, I’ve always wanted my hair to be long enough to do that. Ok…well, this nappy is doin’ the Snoopy Happy Dance cause yes, I can finally hold one of my own twists…don’t need a third person to help me do those down the back comparison shots. Ok y’all celebrate with me here. Wooohoooo!

So we get to talkin’ and my niece tells me that she has three nappy friends. So we talk about that. Then we take my comparison pic. I’m like, “Hurry up, my hand…is…slipping.”

So she finally gets several pics, and we talk about that. Then I say something like, imagine how long your hair will be when you’re a senior in high school. Now I’m sayin’ this cause I’m thinking, we show nuff go do her up with some nappy gorgeous style. And that’s when my niece informs me that she’s gonna get her hair pressed for prom.


Me: “Why, you can wear your hair nappy to prom.”

Niece: “I’ma wear my hair pressed to prom…man…” Ok this “man” stuff at the end of all of her sentences really annoy me. But anyhoo…

Me: “Why would you wanna to that?”

Niece: “Cause it’s a special occasion…I wanna wear my hair pressed.”

Me: “But nappy hair can be worn in cute styles for special occasions. I can show you some pictures of formal styles that nappies have worn in their own weddings.” She thinks about this for a moment and says…oh…ok.” I go on to tell her that I couldn’t wait (six years from now…I mean the child is only 12) to do her nappy hair up really special for prom.

Niece: “You promise.”

Me: “Yeah…I promise.”

Niece: “I wanna blow dry my hair and wear a huge afro.”

Me: “That’s more damaging than pressing your hair.”

Niece: “Really?”

Me: “Yep, really.”

Niece: Really disappointed. “Oh.”

Gotta keep workin’ on this kid…I swear! 

5 Responses to “I’m Getting My Hair Pressed for Prom”
  1. Brian Browne says:

    There are some styling alternatives.

  2. inmynature says:

    I came across your webblog through Naani.com, and find it not just imformative but full of Life, Laughs, and Down to Earth.
    I have been natural for over 2 years, and I have all over the place…I was reading some of your older posts, and glad that you made a point about not using heat on nappy hair, since I was considering getting it press (for the first time in my nappiness) just to try something different..I didnt really want to because I dont have a desire for straight hair, and I luv the feel and thickness of my own locs unaltered…
    Im looking forward to more of your posts in the near future,
    Take care
    Peace, Luv and Nappiness

  3. nappyme says:

    Awe shucks! Thanks a bunch Inmynature. I love visitors…especially ones that have really nice things to say. I’m so glad you found me. Nappturology 101 is certainly a labor of love, and definitely an extension of me and my over-the-top personality. I’ve always had a fascination about hair but NEVER wanted to go to cosmotology school (look at me, I’m so sleepy I can’t even spell it). A year ago, my only goal was to keep a hair journal, and just to keep it going for a year. Well, dang, who’da thunk it would have turned into a comprehensive blog about taking care and loving your nappy hair!

    Please make Nappturology 101 a favorite. Also feel free to comment and make commentary. I love seeing other’s thoughts, opinions, trials, tribulations, triumphs and joys when it comes to nappy hair.

    Take care and come back soon!


  4. Mel says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your hair talk. I just had to respond to this post because I had a similar experience as your niece. I caved. I was about 6 mos into my transition when I backslide for a beautyqueen press and curl. I wrote about it in my hairstory . http://let-it-curl.com/page21aa.html
    I loved this post.

  5. nappyme says:

    You have a cute little site. And Im’a tell ya, I think you’re my personal hair twin! I love your presence on cNappymeNow (CNN). You jumped right in their and started sharing your knowledge. Thanks for that. This is what it’s all about, sharing what we know so that we can help women get over their Fear-of-the-Nap syndrom and learn to love and embrace their god-give, wonderfully made, beautiful nappy hair.

    I look forward to seeing you here on Napp 101 and CNN.

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