An exciting new hair forum devoted to the care, maintenance and
embrace of undefined, highly textured, cottony, nappy hair…

Hey you. Yeah you. The one with the “bad” nappy hair. You know. The one with the nappy hair that no one would ever want. It’s not wavy nappy, or curly nappy and it doesn’t clump into cute little coils and curls when wet. It’s just nappy. In it’s loose, product-free state, whether wet or dry, every coily strand takes its own path and gives the appearance of a woolly, cottony, cloudy mass of nappy hair. If you’re into hair typing…we’re a 4B to Z hair type. It’s the one nappy hair texture that’s rarely, if ever represented in the hair magazines, on TV or anywhere else. In fact, if you’ve got cNapp hair, you’ve probably been told that your hair was too nappy for you to wear it in all of its natural, nappy, non-straightened glory. Right? Yeah, well me too.

That’s why I’ve created cNappymeNow. It’s a new Internet hair forum for those of us with that nappier-than-nappy hair.  It’s a safe haven where we can share our experiences, learn from one another and embrace our naps in a way that we never before thought possible.

Sound to good to be true? Well it’s not. So whether you’re a cNapp, or you need to learn more about taking care of cNapp hair, then cNappymeNow is the place to be. Come on in and join the family. We’d love to have you. Click cNappymeNow for more information


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